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  1. These look pretty sweet. Guy on FB makes them. Now I just have to get my brake lines run and install my red wilwood calipers.
  2. I see the torque spec on the Remflex is 20ftlbs. Is there a specific sequence to tighten these in? Looks like the Remflex 3007's are the correct ones for 351c 4v
  3. Also, my builder suggested NGK UR6 spark plugs. It's a 408c, mild cam and stock iron heads. While he's a great engine builder he's not a Ford guy. Do this plugs sound optimal?
  4. When ordering its nothing special right? Just simply gasket for 351C with the oc heads right?
  5. So I'm 99.9% sure I found the cause of my rich condition with my Sniper efi. So I need a good header gasket. Suggestions and install tips because apparently I didn't do it correctly.
  6. Sounds like a plan guys. I'll report back once she's on the road. Thanks
  7. Hey guys, was looking to get some base line info. What would be ideal for idle timing and AFR at idle, cruise and WOT. Looking for timing specs for all 3 also. I'm using the full hyperspark ignition which adjusts timing and I confirmed I have 15° after setting the static to such. I believe after that all I have to do is disable static timing. Pretty sure it still wants an initial timing number to attempt to maintain though. So with that what are some good target numbers based on my engine. 408c. 10:1 cam is 224/232 @.050. Hyperspark ignition. I have no vacuum numbers to g
  8. I have a Malwood clutch pedal and their hydraulic bearing. I'm also using a hydratech hydraboost brake system. Just bleed the bearing yesterday. Just need to mount the clutch fluid. Pedal feels very nice. Have to get the brake lines connected to really give it a drive though.
  9. The rears are 285/40 18x9.5 and the front is 245/45 18x8
  10. Does anyone know where I can get a set from? Factory used is fine or aftermarket.
  11. Did it have abrasives in it? Sounds like it might of been a glaze especially since it was color specific. Did you apply this be hand or machine?
  12. Thanks! Paint correction done right can look like a freshly painted car.
  13. That's pretty crazy that your cars paint has never been cut! I hear your concerns on the ceramic. I explain to people that's it's not the end all be all. It is scratch "resistant " not scratch proof. It is in fact far better than a wax or synthetic sealant. I hear you on the getting old. I'm 41 and in pretty good shape but I only do this on the weekends I want when the weather is good. I couldn't imagine doing this full time. I usually need a day or two to recover after a full correction.
  14. My detailing "hobby" ended up turning into a weekend side thing. I started out with a simple porter cable buffer and ended up working myself into a flex 3410 VRG. It was probably about 5-8 years ago when the big ceramic coating technology kicked off. Now everyone is offering some form of it. I've used black diamond, Wolfgang and Opti gloss ceramic coating. My go to is the opti gloss. It's easy to apply and lasts about 2 years with the right maintenance. My polishes and compounds are all menzerna. I've tried several others. Maguires 101 foam compound followed up with their 205 finish
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