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  1. Hey Fellas, Awesome Replies and Pictures of good looking Mustangs. That's really helped with getting a good picture in my head. And yes that silver with the side hockey stripes, without the MACH 1 logo. Thanks for the great help!
  2. Heya Fellas. I was wondering what you guys think about 1971-1973 Mustang coupes with the Mach1 Ram Air hood? I own a 73 coupe I bought in high school and is undergoing a nice restoration, but I need to make a decision before I go in one direction too far. It was a white car with half roof vinyl top, not like the Grande vinyl roof,, the vinyl ended at the door/window line. The white was pretty plain and I really like the silver and black 71-73s. The yellow Gone in 60 seconds Mustang paint job I really like as well. Years back I sold my stock flat hood, bought a Dark Horse Racing fiberglass Ram hood, then just recently traded that straight across for a real nice and straight original Ram air hood. I was thinking about painting the car silver with the satin Mach side stripes and hood blackout. Not many pictures of Mustangs out there like this. It would be a shame to trade my nice Mach 1 hood back to the flat hood, but the flat hood with the middle blacked looks darn good too. Anyone have a similar car you'd like to share? Thanks -Wes
  3. Thanks for the reply Fellas! I wonder what the double AA dizzy is for? I've seen pictures of a couple of them.
  4. Hello, I'm having trouble finding a source for decoding numbers for 71-73 distributors and looking for a correct one for a 351W. I found a couple on ebay reading D3AF 12127-AA, one guy says its a 351W and the other says a 351C. Thanks, Wes
  5. Hello Fellas, I just found the site and got registered. I'll be spending a lot of time here now. I'm working on my 12127 distributor for my 351w and I'm missing the tapered collet that sits under the main body. I've been searching for last couple hours with no luck. It has a .530 shaft. Also can you recommend a good gear for my roller cam engine. It's a Lunati flat tappet roller cam I have in it. I've bought gears in the past with only one hole drilled where the roll pin goes. And I'm inexperienced in correctly drilling the other hole out. I would want to get that right on the first attempt if I have to drill. Thanks, Lokee
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