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  1. Getting ready for the Rocky Mountain Mustang Round-up. RMMR is a Ford Mustang car show in Steamboat Springs, CO, this weekend (Show-n-Shine on Saturday). O'Ylr will be there this year. Spent lots of time trying to make the old girl look and run good. Hope to see EVERYONE there!
  2. I had a similar issue, turned out to be old gas had plugged up the carburetor. Had to tear down the carb for a re-build. Now I use a gas stabilizer on every fill up (like Lucus Oil). Most fuel these days does NOT have any type of cleaners/stabilizers.
  3. My "O'Ylr" is a 6C-2299 "Medium Yellow Gold", aka "Medium Goldenrod". It is almost an exact match to a School Bus. :P
  4. 23rd Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup June 16th-19th 2011 http://rmmr.org/ I'm going to drive O'Ylr the 200+ mountain miles to the show (hopefully). :huh:
  5. I found where I read about the 600cfm Holley... The issue I had was at low RPM it was very sluggish, but at higher RPM ran well. Problem was that eventually, it AOD transmission was damaged. P/N 0-80457S (electric choke) INSTALLATION, TUNING, AND ADJUSTMENT MANUAL 199R-7948-5 WARNING: This carburetor is not designed for use with any Ford automatic overdrive transmission. SEVERE transmission damage may result from improper application use.
  6. I have the Holley 600cfm 80457 and had problems with a Ford AOD transmission. Basically, there is not enough vacuum at low RPMs. I read somewhere that this Carb in not for an automatic (at least the AOD).
  7. And your neighbors have a petition being circulated? :huh: I agree with, "totally cool".
  8. WOW! driving 100mph is NOT as scary as taking the seats apart. I guess I will wait till it is absolutely necessary. Thanks everyone, for the advice.
  9. I'm pretty good with a wrench and screw driver, but this upholstery stuff has me a bit turned off. I guess I will wait till I'm sitting on the floor, then take it on. ;) It is really only the driver's side with an issue anyway.
  10. I just finished the Dash Pad replacement and I guess all that squirming around (nothing to do with 40 year old Vinyl :) the front buckets are showing cracks. No doubt they will self destruct very soon. I see replacement upholstery at a few vendors and the question is, "how hard is it to perform the replacement"? :huh:
  11. Hmmm? Save gas? That was not in the front of my mind. :P Maybe it should have been, especially since O'Ylr like premium! Ouch! I bet I can get 10 MPG if I'm real nice. Actually, on the freeway in 5th gear it's only about 2500 RPM @ 75 MPH, it may get pretty good mileage (12-15) maybe.
  12. This is a really fun event! About 1000 cars from '64 to '11. Mostly Mustangs a few Cougars, etc. Even a GT-40! It's $50 to show and must be signed up. Autocross is already filled, 800 cars! Hope to see some of you there. http://www.rmmr.org/
  13. Thanks, to everyone! Some more info.. Edelbrock Performer RPM Heads and Intake. Color code 6C = Medium Yellow Gold 2299 (PPG) Trim Code AF = Light Ginger Tremec-5 HD 5-speed manual .. Peddle assembly. VERY Fun! Clutch linkage and headers are very tight! Gear ratios turn out 100mph @ 5000RPM in forth and 148mph in 5th.. but it would start to fly long before that! :P 12.92et at 109mph in 1/4 mile at 5280 altitude, with 100hp shot Nitrous.
  14. Hello Well O'Ylr was originally my dad's car. He bought it when he thought I was out of the house at college. January 1972 Grande, originally 320V8 2v FMX "Goldenrod"; the only option is an AM radio. When I got it, 45k original miles, I could not leave it alone and managed to blow up just about everything! Now it's a 347 Stroker (original block), Holley 650cfm, MSD-6AL, 280 CompCam, Headman headers, Magnaflow dual, Tremic-HD 5spd, Centerforce clutch, 3.89 gears 9", Front disc brakes, etc... It still is the original "School Bus Yellow". Enjoy
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