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  1. got my car running better today. I also pulled and fixed the stock wiring harness there was no power getting to the coil so no spark so i got all that fixed. i have good oil pressure and fixed the alternator so got a nice amount done i can now start and shut it off with the key. only engine thing left is a nasty leak (the choke coil plate) once thats fixed it will be perfect than move onto floors.
  2. sounds way better than the video lol the vid picked up nothing from me giving it some gas but it sounds amazing nothing like bringing an old engine and car back to life
  3. Got a great update ive been working on it this week cleaned the fuel tank new fuel lines and fuel filter rebuilt the carb new hardline to that put a battery in fixed the wiring and got her running
  4. i almost jumped up and down when i saw the long tubes on the car saved me 300+$
  5. Alright i showed my car off in the introductions so i figured i would start a thread very detailed lots of pics on my way building it up so ill start it off with some pics (view attachments) while i only paid 650$ for the car running and driving (i took the fenders off). I have 4 fenders so i can choose the best for when i paint it got a few deck lids lots and lots of parts. i was making a wish list on summit of performance parts i wanted to get (this was before i picked the car up) and i got the there was a grant gt steering wheel hooker long tube headers a bunch of the stuff i had on my list (i thought the car was bone stock) so all in all im very happy. This week im gonna start sanding it all down for paint (ill take pics of progress). my goal it to make it how i want it fix any issues and make a sweet car. Its gonna be a white with flat stripes on the side modeled after the mach 1. any comment or help very welcome and thanks to some of the members who already helped
  6. Im gonna dig into my engine here soon i wanna get some advice i have some questions #1 i know that these engines have a oil issue what can i do to help with this (performance minded) #2 i dont think im gonna bore it out yet but can i swap cranks and rods to get a longer stroke on stock bore size ? if so what would i need ? #3 ive done a lot of chevy stuff not so much on the ford end so far i wanna get a more aggressive cam in this car and i know the 2v is torque minded so what have you guys ran to have a nice well mannered street car yet still little choppy and powerful #4 with that cam swap would it be good to go full roller or flat tappet ? now i know ill be asked so ill get it outa the way. I wanna drive it a lot so it will be driven on the street maybe daily i dont want a race engine but i want some good power thats well mannered also im trying to stay away from the machine shop atm also. also ive taked to a few guys on here and got help with the top end as far as intake and carb thanks to droptop73
  7. i figured so i dont really want it completely flat black so i think satin black would work best has anyone ever blacked out like the bumpers and stuff like that ? i thought it might be an interesting idea since the chrome on mine is wearing out
  8. i think i saw it a while ago on ebay to for a long time of course if you have a good engine you could just add EFI instead of a swap. Swapping engines seems kinda pointless if you got something good just add efi to it
  9. my way so blower through the hood stripes on the side stick vs auto i got some plans for it sub frame connectors as well ahh gotta love cars when your "i want to do ...." turns into a black hole that only sucks up lots of $$$$$$$$ lol since i have white paint ill paint it that color and i might paint the stripes on since i also have a satin black paint as well. The engine cant stay stock i did drive it down the road i like the power but i always want more than i have so ill see what its like its my first 351c
  10. man those are some nice cars thanks for sharing i love the 71-73 mustangs BUT that 67 does catch my eye
  11. IF it was done right would make a nice car get more mpg but still have the old body style but your right could have just dropped it in and rigged it to run and things could be bad would be a better sell if you could see under the hood and under the car
  12. thats a good point to rare combo choice or something ill do that before i change anything on it
  13. makes sense i figured i would ask before i did my own thing with it and someone went crazy because i modified a rare car lol time for stripes and ram air hood lol
  14. PRODUCTION NUMBERS Hardtop - 65,696 Convertible - 6,121 Fastback (Sportsroof) - 23,956 Hardtop grande - 17,406 Fastback (Sportsroof) Mach 1 - 36,999 Boss 351 - 1,806 thats for 1971 cars
  15. Ok i own a 71 mustang grande now ive seen the numbers for production and my car seems to be a lot lower number produced. How rare do people consider a grande? the only car with lower production numbers is a boss 351 and a convertible. Im interested to hear everyones thoughts on this and heres why. If its more rare than a mach 1 (a crap load less produced) than i might restore it all original since i have the numbers matching stuff for it BUT if its not that rare than ill just go my own way (keep in mind i have many cars so a mod car how i like it can be done with something else) thanks for any thoughts
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