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  1. Looking for a performer intake to put on a motor I just picked up. Would like a edlebrock performer 7121 or a 2121 might also work. Also might be interested in a carb some nice valve covers and air cleaner for a 302. Thanks much
  2. Thank you, can't wait to see what you have. I just bought a 302 rebuilt motor tonight so I am looking for a few goodies to put on it
  3. Looking for a 302 intake and possibly a carb. Was thinking like a edlebrock performer or something similar. Thanks
  4. Looking for a crate or good running 302 or possibly a 351 for a 73, hopefully something around the Midwest thanks
  5. Lojoking for a crate 302 motor thanks
  6. Thanks, I think I will do some looking for a 302 crate motor
  7. I did have a compression test done and it was pretty good
  8. What narrows it down to be the rings or the seats themselves
  9. Thanks Chuck, how does I guy go about doing that test
  10. I was going to check the pistons out when I had the heads off. You just don't know what it looks like until the heads are pulled. I guess I will start there and if I have to dig into it more then I guess I will get the block and piston looked at Can't really afford a new motor to drop in plus right now it is all original. Thanks
  11. I have a 1973 convertible with a 302 motor. The engine is starting to burn some oil along with some blow-by and I think it is time to do some upgrading. I was thinking about getting some aluminium heads and intake. I was wondering if it is just as easy as taking off the old ones and dropping in the new ones. I'm not a mechanic but I do work on somethings. Also of anyone has done this what kind of aluminum heads would you recommend? I was trying to stick around 1000-1500. Also was wondering what else I will have to get to get this job done part wise. Any help would be real helpful. Thanks
  12. Just ordered 2, thanks much:thank you[/align]
  13. Grabber Blue, 302 4v 4speed with tilt steering
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