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  1. Looking for a performer intake to put on a motor I just picked up. Would like a edlebrock performer 7121 or a 2121 might also work. Also might be interested in a carb some nice valve covers and air cleaner for a 302. Thanks much
  2. Thank you, can't wait to see what you have. I just bought a 302 rebuilt motor tonight so I am looking for a few goodies to put on it
  3. Looking for a 302 intake and possibly a carb. Was thinking like a edlebrock performer or something similar. Thanks
  4. Looking for a crate or good running 302 or possibly a 351 for a 73, hopefully something around the Midwest thanks
  5. Lojoking for a crate 302 motor thanks
  6. Thanks, I think I will do some looking for a 302 crate motor
  7. I did have a compression test done and it was pretty good
  8. What narrows it down to be the rings or the seats themselves
  9. Thanks Chuck, how does I guy go about doing that test
  10. I was going to check the pistons out when I had the heads off. You just don't know what it looks like until the heads are pulled. I guess I will start there and if I have to dig into it more then I guess I will get the block and piston looked at Can't really afford a new motor to drop in plus right now it is all original. Thanks
  11. I have a 1973 convertible with a 302 motor. The engine is starting to burn some oil along with some blow-by and I think it is time to do some upgrading. I was thinking about getting some aluminium heads and intake. I was wondering if it is just as easy as taking off the old ones and dropping in the new ones. I'm not a mechanic but I do work on somethings. Also of anyone has done this what kind of aluminum heads would you recommend? I was trying to stick around 1000-1500. Also was wondering what else I will have to get to get this job done part wise. Any help would be real helpful. Thanks
  12. Just ordered 2, thanks much:thank you[/align]
  13. Grabber Blue, 302 4v 4speed with tilt steering
  14. Thanks, going in for front end alignment today
  15. Finished my front suspension, and had new tires and cragar ss rims put on now off for an alignment
  16. I worked on my new front suspension install. I had to stop because the coil spring compressor I rented out didn't work for installing the new ones. It worked great for taking the old ones out but not for installing the new ones. I need to get this done because I just ordered some new cragar ss rims with 255_60 15 and 205 65 15 bfgs to get put on along with a new alignment. The weather is finally getting nice I need to get this done so I can get it out for its first ride for the year.
  17. Do you still have the rims and tires for sale? Thanks Shaun
  18. Thanks guys for all the great ideas on my tire size. Can't wait to get some good radials on with my updated suspension so I can see and feel the difference in the ride. If anyone has any stock aluminum rims for sale let me know maybe I can have a set for shows and a set for driving around and enjoying the ride, can't wait for spring been a long winter thanks again Shaun
  19. New member looking to get new tires on my 73 vert it still has the bias ply and I'm looking to possibly getting some BF Goodrich and not sure what size tires will fit on these rims 14x6 thanks
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