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  1. On that intake manifold my .02 cents is to run an open spacer on a dual plane intake. It doesnt inibit air flow on stock type manifold.
  2. That would be the quickest way to do it , compress spring then install upper control arm. I take it they are for a small block, don't worry about compressing them too much to get them installed.
  3. Found this brand probably 3 years ago after having the same problem as you did with crap products.
  4. Try 1 of these, US made and work like a champ. https://www.jegs.com/i/Accel/110/40200/10002/-1
  5. Nothing great or in any kind of numbers, once in awhile some pop up probably chinesem crap.
  6. Once in awhile you will see a laser stripe on a cobra, but they didn't help it go faster so I suppose most didn't add them. But my marti report shows it had 1 when new, so someday it will again. The mustang marketplace has the repop strips.
  7. Love the color and stripe, my 71 is missing its laser stripe. Its a 71 cobra 429cj, 4 speed, ram air, bucket seat, magnum 500, rear louver car, 1 of 16 made.
  8. Cant let them Chevys have all the fun! Good job getting it to hook up with all oil those chubbys put down.
  9. Get 1 of these with a msd box, their not gay looking like GM type dizzys. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/dui-32720bl I am running a msd in my 393C.
  10. Here is a nice 1, with a ton of options. https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/ford/mustang/2272639.html
  11. I have gotten several from here, US radiator makes them. They have been great quality and fit like a glove. Always my first choice for replacement radiators. http://www.coolcraft.com/radiators/ford.html?model=163&rows=14&year=78
  12. Only the timing chain will be visible with the timing cover off, you might be able to tell by pulling a valve cover and looking into the lifter valley.
  13. But you can remove the timing cover with the pan on the motor, but that also includes removing the harmonic balancer. So that means draining coolant removing waterpump its just a timing consuming project. I am with you I hate oil leaks.
  14. I would call Brent at Lykins motorsports he loves Cleveland's and a die hard ford guy, does lots of custom cams. He is also a CHI dealer. http://www.lykinsmotorsports.com/
  15. Don't know if people had seen this yet, get your checkbooks out. I had to show my wife that my hobby isnt out of hand yet. lollerz http://fordauthority.com/2019/04/epic-conrad-mustang-collection-sold-off/?fbclid=IwAR0Hz6BeUnOkzxyJes7tcHKttzGyvKbZzLWwewZgyZhdxGV9tlBYgrzg_JU
  16. Just as David said fill till it runs out, and I assume you are running a different ratio than before so the ring gear size could allow for more oil. Most of mine have been 3 plus qts.
  17. https://kevkoracing.com/collections/ford-cleveland/products/part-f607-ford-cleveland-front-sump-t-style-drag-pan I have of couple of these, stout and work well
  18. Somebody does make custom ones, I found these on google images.
  19. Is this the one you are running? https://www.summitracing.com/parts/bra-1648/overview/make/ford Yes it is, very good pump for the price.
  20. Flowcooler its aluminum, just paint it to keep the stock look. My 393C makes 525hp and runs 180 all day long with a stock radiator.
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