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  1. I have a similar situation. I am trying to decide on tire wheel combination for my 71 Mach. I am looking at the Legendary Wheel Co. Magnum 500 Alloy Wheel 16"x8" Gloss Black/Machined Set With BFGoodrich Sport COMP-2 245/50/16 Tires from CJ Pony Parts. Does anyone have any feed back for me. Pictures of the front and rear application are attached, I hope the pics attach! lol
  2. Your poor Ford has to sleep in the same room with all that sauerkraut! i have an all american garage right next to my 71 she can sleep in!! LMAO But she looks good sitting up there looking down on them like a boss.
  3. I bought the master kits from AMK and the way they individually package the hardware and label the packages is making my restore a breeze. Maybe the hardware you are looking for is on this page. http://www.amkproducts.com/Ford_Fastener_Kits.asp
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