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  1. Sorry to add this to an old thread. I have a one owner 72 Mach 1, just started to redo the front end. The sway bar is 7/8 inch, was painted black with 2 color marks on the bottom in the middle. Yellow and green. Found them while sandblasting. Here's 2 pictures. All the other suspension parts followed the MCA standards listed above. The sway bar brackets were natural (rust). My 2 cents. Also, found a picture of an original Mach1 unrestored, bottom view. The sway bar looks painted.
  2. Hey do you have the u shaped bracket like this one for the fold down seat? Just need one, my other is OK. Thanks.
  3. Just an update to the post above. I went with Zolatone Grey Stone, just needed 1 quart and still have about 1/2 can left. Painted the trunk using the paint gun that I bought with my lizard skin. Just lucky it sprayed this so well because of the big orifice in the gun nozzle. I tossed it in the trash, since I couldn't figure out a way to clean this stuff out of the gun. Painted the rubber plugs separately after prepping them with plastic adhesion promoter and a coat of SEM color coat. Doubt it will adhere over time or if I ever have to remove them again. This stuff is tough, it has a nice 3 dimensional flake in it, and when I compared it to my original with good lighting, it was a great match, maybe lighter, but the old finish could have darkened with age, who knows?
  4. Sorry to add to an old thread, but this is my 2 cents. I took lots of pictures of my 72 trunk during disassembly and the spatter paint is darker than the photos posted above, and is a fairly straight line across the trapdoor. Definitely painted after complete assembly, so spatter all over back side of tail lights, wiring harness, but not the bumper bolts. I have used the Eastwood and Duplicolor paints on other vehicle trunks and they need a clear coat, and still that will yellow over time. I am going with Zolatone this time. Grey Stone looks close. Will post pics after that.
  5. Bought a 72 Mach 1 from California, and now several months into the disassembly. It was a real barn find, including mice, but car is loaded with options, 60,000 miles. 351C-4V, C6 trans. Thanks to all who post their problems and solutions, especially to whoever posted why the engine wouldnt run after I removed the instrument cluster(tach). You saved me hours of trouble! Lots of great advice here, much appreciated. Hope to contribute what I can. I will have tons of disassembly photos of a one owner car that might come in handy. Here it is, love that color.
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