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  1. Mudbilly, The fans are the Derale 16836 dual fan unit. JEGS carries this unit for 286.99 shipped. I am utilizing a CVF kit (alternator {140 amp} and power steering pump along with CVF's associated brackets and pulleys). I am also using an Edelbrock water pump. We DID trim the fans shroud a bit all the way around to gain some additional clearance but it was really a good fit utilizing the stock type radiator. The fans each pulled nearly 25 amps so if you are going to use a controller, you need to be sure the controller will handle the combined amperage. I initially ordered a 25 Amp Controller and quickly found out that would not due...kept blowing fuses when we applied the heat gun to it to activate both fans. As an aside, the JEGS site did not stated that I needed a controller as it depends on one's application and how you intend to activate the fans. Not being comfortable with electrical "stuff", I didn't know this at the time. I subsequently called Derale and their representative (Tom) advised the controller I needed was their Derale 16789. Since I had to send the two controllers back that I originally purchased from JEGS, I have not yet installed the new unit. Attached are a couple of the pictures that should show the "fit" of the fans. Engine compartment is getting quite crowded and I am not even finished, yet :angel: ! BT
  2. I know, I know, it has been awhile since I provided an update on this thread!lollerz Anyway, here are a few pictures: This is the fold down seat installed...sourced the parts from multiple sources. This is a picture of the installed motor. Engine bay from different angle. This is a picture of the visit to the "Muffler" shop Picture taken today...bit dirty as I had it out for a "run." BT upload your photos
  3. Bringing this back for updates. I ended up going with a steel drive shaft (Good for over 750 HP) from Inland Empire and a 31 splined 391 rearend as in spite of the HP and torque, this will be a "street" car. Have also had the subframe connectors and larger sway bar (1 1/8") installed on the front. Instead of the Lincoln Mark VIII fan, I went with a Derale dual fan unit. We felt the Mark VIII fan might have had some clearance issues and I didn't want to bother with trimming it. I am waiting for my controller for my Derale dual fans. I initially tried two Derale's 25 amp controllers (each of the fans pull 25 Amps) but had to return them as there was no room for a second sensor. Called the company and they recommended I use their single 85 amp controller for my application, so I sent the two 25 Amp controllers back to JEGS (without any problems) for a refund. Also had to find a shifter arm lever for the Broader C6 I am running as I will be using a stock shifter and did not have all the linkage since I was converting from a toploader to the C6. The lever is due in next week. Even though I have an all steel boss 429 type hood sccop, it appears I may have to do some hood scoop modifications since I am using a 1" super sucker along with the Trick Flow Street intake but I will make that decision once I fit the hood back onto the car. I now have the motor in the car and will post up some pictures soon (I know Chuck, "if there are no pictures it didn't happen"). Bt
  4. I actually have a Performer RPM intake on my 472 (429 with 460 crank bored .060 over with stock hood). Here are a couple of pictures.
  5. BT, are you out of hibernation now?LOL! lollerz Yes, Tommy I am out and back on the scene. BT
  6. As inferred by Fabrice, you really have not given us enough information. When you say "more juice", do you mean more torque, i.e., more "pep" from a standstill; better passing performance; more topend? Do you know what rear end gears you currently have in the car? Have there any modifications from original to your knowledge? We REALLY need more information to give you a more definitive suggestion. BT
  7. There is a site (Kickdownrods.com) that should be able to help you. When you get to the site, scroll down to near the end of the items being offered and you should see the items you need. BTW, this particular vendor is in a niche market but he is continually adding to his inventory. I have gotten three different kickdown rods from him and they worked out ABSOLUTELY great for my three big block (one 1969 428SCJ tribute, a 472 '73 Grande and my 545 '73 Mach 1). Tell him that B.T. sent you ;) . BT
  8. ...what Jeff said:)! You don't have to "own" a 71 -73 Mustang to hang out with us. As a previous owner, I KNOW you can still bring a LOT of positives to the site. Hang around and contribute as you see fit! BT
  9. I am not aware of a book dedicated specifically to the 71 - 73 Mustang but there are a number of books out that address them as part of their overall focus, I have several versions of the Hollander Interchange Manuals that I have used over the years to very good effect. I see they do have one dedicated to the Mustangs which I do not have. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hollander-Mustang-Manual-1965-1973-/251317517593?hash=item3a83b0fd19&vxp=mtr I will probably order a copy of this one. BT
  10. Have you checked with these folks for the C6 Speedometer reducer? http://mansfieldmustang.com/Transmissionsp2.html BT
  11. Looks great! Do you anticipate any hood clearance issues with that intake? No, I actually have a Boss 429 type scoop built into "Fire's" hood. BT
  12. Well, the motor is now in Memphis and awaiting the install. l It will still be a couple of months before I complete both "installs" but at least I can "see" it every day. LOL BT
  13. Pretty sure you meant 1971 429 instead of 428. LOL BT
  14. I cannot address your first question but as to the second... My references shows the 351C with automatic and 28 spline rear end for '73 "should" have a drive shaft length of either 50 13/16" or 50 21/32". The difference depends upon which rear joint (3 15/32" versus 3 5/8") was installed. The 50 13/16" (2 3/4" diameter) long shaft has the 3 15/32" joint The 50 21/32" (3' diameter) long shaft has the 3 21/32" joint A '73 Mustang with a cast iron case automatic with 31 spline rear would have had a 51 3/32" (2 3/4" diameter) long shaft. Hope this helps and not further confuse the issue. BT
  15. Welcome aboard! As to posting pictures, the easiest way in my estimation is if you have the picture on your computer, do the following: At the bottom of the post you are making is a button named "TinyPic Plugin." -Click on that button which will bring up the "tinypic" screen -Click on "Browse" button to select the file from your computer -Once selected, "Copy" the file which brings you back to the "tinypic" screem -Click the "UPLOAD NOW" button. You should receive the "Sucess!" note -Left click on the link below "Boards" to highlight the link -Right click on link and select "copy" -Go back to your post and click paste in the area where you want to copy the picture. That is the process I utilize when posting pictures. BT
  16. Over the years, I have learned that when folks ask about "more horsepower" for "street cars" they are generally concerned with "more torque" which is most relevant for street applications. In that case, the quickest way is a change in overall gear ratio, whether that is through a higher (numerical) rear end gear or shorter tires. Of course, a change to a different first geared transmission will also fill the build. So, the question is, "what do you really want different" from your mustang as it relates to performance? With that information, we can probably steer you in the "right" direction. BT
  17. I don't know if it is on the website but I would think the complete article on the get-together would be there. BT
  18. Welcome aboard, MIke! While Marti's Book (Mustang by the Numbers 1967 -1973) does not break the fastbacks down to show Mach 1s, it does show the following for Fastbacks. 1971 Paint Code I (India), there were 3,277 Bright Lime Green Fastbacks 1972 Paint Code 4E, there were 1,562 Bright Lime Fastbacks Again, it is not broken down to show Mach 1s. Perhaps someone with an original Bright Lime Mach 1 will post up. BT
  19. I received my copy of the May 2015 issue of "Mustang Monthly" today and there on Page 50 is a brief write-up and picture of a '72 Mach 1 that they chose for their "Best Mustang" Award for this year's gathering:)! BT
  20. WELCOME aboard! I am always happy to see another BBF owner on the Site:). BT
  21. Very NICELY optioned car, in my opinion, but I am not a purist so it doesn't matter whether or not it has all the "paint daubs" in the right places:). BT
  22. ...what Tommy said:)! As I often say, the 71 - 73 Mustangs were built to work with the 429/460 engines, in my opinion. We have several folks here on the Site who have taken this route and I am sure you will receive all kinds of GREAT advice "on your journey." BT
  23. This is similar to what I am going for, except I will have the shaker hood scoop and MAY not stripe it. BT
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