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  1. I know you are getting excited about getting that blue glow on it:)!! Yes, please post pictures as it goes "through the stages." BT
  2. Happy to read that y'all had a great transcation:)! BT
  3. Here is a thread that should help you with your decision. http://www.460ford.com/forum/showthread.php?t=150876 BT
  4. I reread the issue your Mustang appeared in back in May 2004 and commend you for your efforts in getting all your parts back and completing a GREAT restoration...OUTSTANDING article in "Mustang Monthly", by the way! Welcome to the Site and I look forward to interacting with you on the individual forums:). BT
  5. Yes Tommy, you and mjlan are correct in that the pistons are different. BT
  6. You are correct in that the 460 crank will be free HP (read that TORQUE). Keep in mind that the 429 and 460 share the same pistons and rods. The difference is in the stroke of the crankshaft. So, you can use the 460 crank along with the 429 rods and pistons. They also share the same blocks and heads (at least as it relates to the D0VE-Cs). You can go to my garage and see ALL the parts I utilized in building my 472 (429 block bored .060 over with 460 crank) 1973 Grande. This motor easily makes in excess of 500HP and has a TREMENDOUS amount of torque which is what you need on the street. HP is actually overrated (on the street) in my opinion:). BT
  7. Wow! I don't know what happened here as I wasn't trying to resurrect an old thread. For some reason, it showed up as an unread post for me and I responded. I didn't even check the year. LOL BT
  8. I remember when I ordered my '73 Mustang all the publications indicated I came across indicated a 266 HP rating. Some of the "Engine" books being published at the time indicated two different HP ratings for the 351CJ versions of the 351C engines with 266 for the Mustangs and Cougars and 246 for the Torinos and Montegos. As I recall the situation, the compression ratios were different between the two types with the Mustang/Cougars having a 7.9 ratio and the other offering having an 8.0 compression ratio. I have never looked into the discrepancy but can't see why the compression ratios were different as the Mustangs. Torinos, Cougars and Montegos shared the same pistons, heads and camshaft as finally produced. It may have something to do with what was intended to be produced and what was ultimately produced. Ford (as other Manufacturers) often released specifics for different vehicles which were not ever produced or maybe only produced in limited quantities. Perhaps someone else can provide additional insight. BT
  9. Yes, I picked up one from the local "Pull a Part" quite some time back for the 545 that is going into "Fire." I think I paid about 40$. BT
  10. http://www.dscmotorsport.com/asp/products/content_manifolds.asp?SubCat=152&GroupID=4 They should be able to help you. BT
  11. It COULD be a good deal but I think you need to put some SERIOUS thought as to what Chuck (c9zx) wrote as it pertains to how the block and additional items relate to what you want from the final engine build, i.e., does the cam and pistons REALLY suit your needs. Here locally, I would not pay $500 for a 2V block but if it came with a NEW cam, pistons, etc., I would certainly look at that being a good deal if the cam, pistons and other items matched up with what I wanted from the motor or if I thought I could get something back from selling those parts. If the additional "parts" don't suit your intended application, you might try to purchase just the block. I personally would not go for over $250 for the block as 351C 2V block are still relatively plentiful. my $.02:)! BT
  12. CONGRATULATIONS, Mark! My thanks also to the other folks who submitted their Mustangs for the contest. We REALLY have some great Mustangs (and Owners) here on the Site:). BT
  13. CONGRATULATIONS Greg and kudos to Luke for apparently treating you (a fellow site member) well. As the owner of a '73 Mach 1 and a '73 Grande, I have been thinking about acquiring a '73 Convertible...your post has just about helped me to make up my mind:). Again, I am happy to hear the "deal" worked well for both of you guys. BT
  14. I would suggest that you contact a cam grinder and provide the specifications on your engine and the intended use. That should address your questions as to what cam and lifters to use. I agree with others in that the "Torker" is probably the wrong intake considering your stated goals. Prior to going to the big blocks, I ran a maxed out 351CJ which also used a "Modified" Torker. It was ported professionally and flowed significantly higher than a stock "Torker." I was also using an 850 Holley Double Pumper. I utilized 12.3:1 pistons coupled with shaved heads. I did run the car on the street but that combination would obviously not be my choice today. There just are a LOT better options. I don't believe anyone was trying to insult your knowledge of Fords in their responses to your queries. With nearly 4000 members on this site, we see different levels of "knowledge" as it relates to our cars and sometimes responses are boiled down to the basics. Anyway, I am happy to see your on the Site and look forward to following your efforts with your Mustang. Welcome Aboard! BT
  15. I received my 2015 Car of the Month calendar today...very Nice! Thanks "caspianwendell", "imusa76", and "Rocketfoot" for your efforts throughout the year in making this happen. Thanks also to all of you who participated in this worthwhile endeavor by submitting your Mustangs for consideration. Y'all did GOOD! BT
  16. This car is a virtual twin of my '73 351 4V. The twist hood pins were in fact available on the 4V (non ram air optioned) versions. BTW, I am the original owner of my car:). BT
  17. Y'all should be able to view them now in the "PFQ Archive" and "VIP PFQ Archive" Forums as Barry has moved them. I, of course, can see them but if anyone can"t, please post up. We are still not sure as to why I was not able to move the exercises upon their completion. Again, please post up if you are still having problems seeing the exercises in their entirety. Thanks! BT
  18. Based on the PMs I have received, a number of you have been unable to view the completed threads. Unfortunately there is a problem with the new Forums. Barry had to rebuild everything from scratch and there is an apparent issue with my being able to transfer the thread to the appropriate "Archived" forum in order for y'all to view the completed threads. Hopefully, the issue will be resolved soon. BT
  19. Strongly agree with Jeff's inference as there are better options, especially since you will probably be changing axles to get the 5 X 4.5 bolt pattern. You could probably found a 9" pumpkin (with Posi) out of a pickup or even some passenger cars pretty cheap. For my 472 (429 block, 460 crank, bored .060), I pulled a 28 spline 3.50 with traction Lok pumpkin out of a 1970 Galaxie XL. I think I spent 50$. Those 28 spline axles should be fine unless you are going with some insane torque. For my 545 which dynoed in excess of 700 foot pounds of torque, I am going with 35 splines after market rear. To me it depends upon how much torque you plan on putting in that BBF:). When looking around, you might want to look at late '60s and early '70 broncos which also usually had a posi. ...just a thought. BT
  20. According to Marti's book, "Mustang...by the Numbers (1967-1973)", the following color trims were offered in White Fastbacks Mustangs (not broken down as to how many were Mach 1s): 1971 Black, Blue, Vermillion, Saddle, White, and Green 1972 Black, Blue, Vermillion, Saddle, Green, and White 1973 Black, Saddle, Avocado (3 Cars), and White Hope this helps. BT
  21. My vote would be for the better exhaust first, not only for the "sound" but with the right choices you should have better performance and mileage. The duals actually improves the "looks" too, in my opinion:)! BT
  22. Good Day All! Well, the time is near as this Saturday, December 20, 2014, we will be posting the first problems of the new exercises (See post above for the additional specifics). For this first exercise, we are going to be doing something a bit different in that the "winner" of the "regular" Periodic Fun Question (PFQ) will have his/her membership paid for IMMEDIATE upgrade to VIP status. For VIP Members, the "winner" will earned a $100.00 store credit with "Ohio Mustang Supply." Again, the exercises will be posted sometime on Saturday, December 20, 2014, and the problems for the exercises will be pulled directly from previous exercises posted on the "old" Weekly Fun Question or the "old" VIP Weekly Fun Questions forums archives: http://www.7173mustangs.com/forum-archives http://www.7173mustangs.com/forum-archives--84 Now might be a GREAT time to become "comfortable" with some of the questions/problems (and answers) identified in these previous exercises. There is also a wealth of knowledge there on verifiable facts associated with our Mustangs:). Stay Tuned! BT
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