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  1. Thanks for the comments. I really like the color also but it's a very old yet not original paint job. Original color was blue I think. I am saving up now to have this baby repainted. May stick with this pewter or may experiment with something new. I spent four hours using clay, rubbing compound, polish, and wax to shine her up but doesn't do anything for the chips, bubbles, or scratches. Brian
  2. Welcome from TEXAS! Can't wait to see your drift/autocross monster, sounds cool! Good luck on the build! Brian
  3. Was out cruising in Texas and figured I'd take some new pics!
  4. Welcome from San Antonio, TX!
  5. Welcome from Texas. Can't wait to see how it looks after paint! Brian
  6. Brian, I have just recently passed on 4 sets of the trim at swap meets and mustang junk yards. The prices varied from $100 for pair to $200 for a pair. They are all brittle by now so when putting the screws in you need to be careful and not tighten them. If you don't find something in a couple days get in touch and I will send you contact info for the trim. David Thank you David. Brian
  7. Thanks all. Now that the engine is back in car and running, I need to focus my attention on the interior.
  8. Pretty sure I have a nice set I'll look this afternoon and PM you I would really appreciate that!! Thanks! Brian
  9. Looking for the interior A-pillar trim molding (driver and passenger sides)for my 73 vert. From my research on 7173Mustangs I'm thinking these aren't reproduced. Does anyone know where I may be able to find them used or is it possible to mod a different year/type of A-pillar that is reproduced. I appreciate any help! Brian
  10. You have all provided me with some great options! I love this forum! Thanks for the help! Brian
  11. Gonna try some JB Weld and hope that works!
  12. Thanks guys! Think I may try JB Weld first. If it don't work I will try and replace it knowing it is threaded! Awesome help and much appreciated! Brian
  13. So cranked up engine today and coolant leaked everywhere. Thought it was a cracked hose. On further inspection it was the port or passage that comes out of the engine. Is this something that can be repaired? If so how? I appreciate any assistance you guys can provide! BTW it leaks at base of the passage before coolant even enters hose! Brian
  14. Blmeis


    Hello from Texas! Brian
  15. Blmeis


    Welcome from Texas and good luck with your project! Brian
  16. Yeah I bought the best I could afford! ::thumb:: Got some Fel-Pros in the mail. Hoping they'd be here by today but guess I'm waiting until Monday. Brian I know that the intake is not installed permanently right now but it appears to be on backwards, just want to mention it so when you install it for good it isn't put on the same way again. It is. I just slapped it on real quick because I didn't have a chain and had to use the plate to hook engine up to crane. Good eye!:bravo:
  17. Yeah I bought the best I could afford! ::thumb:: Got some Fel-Pros in the mail. Hoping they'd be here by today but guess I'm waiting until Monday. Brian
  18. Finally got my engine back so I installed today. Now it's a matter of hooking everything else up. Will probably put starter and headers on tomorrow.
  19. I sat in my garage drinking a beer wishing my engine would someday come back from the rebuilder so I can get it installed and get the car back on the road. It's been a paperweight for my concrete floor! :( Brian
  20. Welcome from Texas! Brian
  21. Welcome from TEXAS! Brian
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