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  1. I have Hooker comp headers on my 73 Q code vert with 351c 4v C6 trans. Had to take them off to remove engine for rebuild. Really easy. They work well with my Flow-master exhaust as well. Not expecting any issues putting them back on when engine comes back.
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    Thanks! I was having some bad knock when she warmed up. I decided to have my 351C 4bbl rebuilt since it hadn't been done before so the engine is in the shop for about another week. Once I get the engine back and get it back in the car I'm gonna have to figure out why my steering is so loose!
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    Hi everyone. I'm Brian from San Antonio, TX. I have a 73 Mustang Convertible I'm currently restoring. Trying to get it road ready by this spring so we can go cruise the hill country!
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