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  1. FWIW my 1973 351C with new AutoMeter gauge and sender runs about 80psi cold and idle, 35 or so hot idle, 70-75 driving with engine hot and cruise rpm 2500 or so. I thought it was high too but no oil leaks showing. Runs great. I didnt rebuild motor so I cant speak to clearances etc in it. Also, as too accuracy. If you want you can contact sender maker and get the "ohms chart" for that sender. The sender is electronic and basically a variable resistor. Every PSI change against it causes a mechanical slider to move inside. that changes the resistance to ground (ohms) and meter moves. So they have a chart at factory for testing them that says , for example, with 20 PSI, it should read 197 ohms (+/-) small tolerance. So if you look on chart, find your 70 PSI or whatever your idle is, you can pull OFF the sender wire and measure ohms to ground of engine from that tiny stud. Thats the internal resistance of that sender at one set psi. See if it matches the chart and you know you have a good valid reading (vs getting a mechanical sender),
  2. Thanks all. Oh boy, heat gun again. FUn fun. What can possibly go wrong with a heat gun in your hand (go ahead and fill in the blank with your story here__________________________________________.)
  3. Boy this 2 new inside door panels project is killing me. Now I see why people bitch about fit. I was all excited to spend the dough and make doors right. THe parts look good out of the box till you go to fit it all up and find the subtle differences and holes are off 1/16--1/4" here and there. So my biggest struggle is these 2 fillers that go behind our door pull handles. Literally the curve radius from door armrest down is flatter then radius on old covers. They old covers still drop right into my old side panels (i kept them). Any suggestions for these 2 covers? Mine fit horribly.
  4. Since we are on that topic, have any of you with BLACK well liner (replaced) tried painting the back side of it, so you dont see it thru trunk at all? Mine is black, but back has some fabric look to it and is off white.. I would like it all black, both sides.
  5. Looks like it about the size/width of center dash light. Does it fit in near there? The tabs might be the nuts that the light screws up into?
  6. I guess I have some to learn about doors. I have new inside door panels. I have painted them blue to match rest of insides. Now I need new weatherstipping or beltline or whatever its called ! So the strip is stapled to inside panel I see that. I could reuse mine but they are not great. Can I get just the 2 doors inside strips, or is it a set of 4 pieces, 2 per door? Or is it a set of 8 pieces including my 2 rear windows. All look stock so if I have 2 it might be wise to do them all front and back quarters. For right now I'd be happy doing my 2 doors so I can get it back on road. Its 73 Convertible. Thanks
  7. oh ok, thanks. Yea, I see all the guts pull out from the front only. I guess I assumed even like that the rear would also be a cover too so you can look in and inspect it etc etc. Thanks.
  8. I need some schooling. I thought all the rear end diffs used a cover and gasket. Mine looks welded all around the outside? WTF?
  9. Since it came out nice, I think i'll take it out and use it as a template, cut another one, and try to stain more like the fake wood grain sticker stuff on the center gauge console.
  10. Think I would try a tiny dab of white tub sealant caulk, use a Q-tip to dab apply.
  11. Nice work! What model Alpine is that? Are they 6x9 or 4x6"?
  12. For whats its worth I just got a pair of these. THey did not fit well without trimming some metal in door to get them in. Then when I got them in one was buzzy and rattley as all hell. Pretty crappy sounding. I guess at $42 you cant expect Bose Audio here. I'd pass on them.
  13. A while back I asked what went in this area. Turns out theres some black plastic filler plate I dont have.So I thought what the hell lets try one made from wood. So I used some 1/8" birch play I had laying around. Came out pretty cool. I stained it and finished it with NC laquer that I used when I repair quitars. Had I thought this as going to work, and been thinking, I should have matched the dash fake woodgrain one better! Its just slid down on over rubber boot down to between the bottom and second layer.
  14. As weird as it it, if they keep selling this stuff it will drive up the value of all cars we own!
  15. Welcome from NY state. Congrats on car! Show us pixs.
  16. I got the washer spray nozzles and tubing to put on my 73 hood. I thought it would be easy job. WHen I look at where the nozzles attach under the hood I see square holes, not a small round screw hole like I was expecting. SO there must be some small square plugs that go in there? I need 3, 1 for each nozzle and 1 to mount the small T that goes in like. What are these mounts called? I looked all over and I only see tubing, T's , and the jets themselves.
  17. Thanks Jim, I looked at them, sadly they dont have any blue. I mean I could go white and paint them blue, but it seems to make more sense to get a base blue thats close and spray a topcoat of my shade if need be.
  18. THanks a lot. Man that blue is off. WHere did you buy those? Why is there no chrome strip above the carpet top? I could buy those and just spray them the same rattle can blue I have been using. What are you going to do or try next?
  19. Thanks a lot. I think you are right. I think best I can do is go repro and if color is not good enough spray them. I wish there was a true ripped vinyl miracle kit!
  20. So I have been doing my interior this winter, and just finished all new carpeting. I am down to final detail of door panels. I have read quite a bit on here about the aftermarket ones and seems "fit" is a common problem. I can live with some tweaking if need be. So my dilemma is this. Passengers panel is very good. I have new carpets for both doors and thats all it really needs as the blue is faded. But, the drivers door have some bad cracks in armrest. Do I tackle trying to vinyl repair/cover paint the one bad drivers side, or buy a new pair of them and deal with the shade of blue being off and fit issues? What what you do? This is 1973 convertible BTW. Has anyone here bought BLUE specifically and did it match OEM quite well? That brown kraft style paper that goes on metal and under door panel, is that available pre cut or do you just buy a roll and try to make something? Mine has ton of duct tape. Now check out how the PO replaced the SPEAKER with small round one. Used large bolts with head sticking out. The bottoms of my door panels were flapping in the breeze about 1/4" open as this rig he made pushed it out.
  21. Welcome from a 1973 Convert in Upstate NY!
  22. THis subject strikes fear in my heart everytime I see "door speakers". I wondered why my door panels bow out at the bottom a bit. So I peeked in there and saw some cob job of clear lexan home made adapters and carriage bolts and almost fainted. Thats for another day lol. And I walked away. When I get new door panels and take mine off I will post for the Laugh of the Day feature.
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