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  1. stevehcode, i see that this is an old thread - but any chance to get the images? it will be my next project and it would be useful :) thanks stan
  2. not yet - slowly getting ready to replace floor :) few photos:
  3. dynacorn seat platforms for fastback are exactly same as original - same height. I compared them to originals and looks same (my car is 1973 Mach1). Just for info - if you buy complete floor assy - seat platforms come with the floor (even CJPony claims that they do not - because of their mistake, now I have 2 sets of seat platforms :( )
  4. Hi, Looking for 1973 Mach 1 B pillars - driver and passenger side. Not sure what is proper name - door jam .. Mine are rusted and probably can not repair .... Used ones or replacement or ???? Any color as long as it is not rusted .... Thanks )
  5. hi, i have some strange wheels on my car - not sure what maker. Anyone recognize these? front 225/50 15" , rear 295/50 15" Is it worth it to restore them or just change to different ones? and on 2nd car I have these: (also not sure if I should keep them or get new ones ....) : front 265/50 15", rear 265/50 15"
  6. hi 72HCODE, I know it is an old thread - but would it be possible to upload photos again, please. I am getting ready to do suspension and photos would be very useful :) thanks
  7. Red one - actually it has been repainted. Original color was Dark Green Metalic. I can only restore "red" one - the other black has no papers (no title).
  8. Greetings from Japan, I was able to buy 2 1973 Mach1 Q-code in quite a rough shape. (all matching numbers). My plan is to restore 1 out of two cars - it has to be the red one because this car came with papers. Black one would be donor car - if anything is usable :) Both of these cars has been sitting for a very long time so not sure about condition of engine, but it turns by hand :) Not sure why but the front grill/lights are different on both of them - but vin confirms that both are 1973 Hope I can do it :) Few photos (more I will post on Build Thread): Red one:
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