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  1. That would be great. It was a XXL. I really liked the design. Fingers crossed.
  2. Hopefully you will do another run. Went to the mail box today and was excited to see a package from you guys. Imagine my horror when I saw that something had punched a hole through it. Opened and saw that the hole had gone through the shirt in about 4 diffterent places. What a bummer.
  3. I like what you did. Been looking at backup cameras for a while and I need to replace my mirror anyways. I see that it gives you options to cut a white and green wire. What is that all about?
  4. raceman408, I found the one that I had stuck away. I sent you a PM.
  5. I was going to convert my 73 front to a 71/72 but decided against it. I had one of the reinforcement pieces. Let me take a look and see if I still have it. If I do, will get back with you here.
  6. In my haste, I didn't take any pics prior to disassembly of the dash. Area in particular need is the Brake Pedal Support to Steering Column Bracket. Along with that, I'm not sure of how the dash panel fits in with those. I have the assembly manuals but the drawings are not very clear. If anyone has some pics of that area and how it all goes together they would be very much appreciated. Thanks....Andy
  7. Thanks for all the help and assistance. I was able to get one from Rock Auto for less than $3 and had it in 2 days.
  8. Thanks Don. I'll let you know. Going to look tomorrow.
  9. Looking for the brake line coupler by the passenger shock tower. It's the one that connects the passenger brake line to the cross-over line.
  10. I'll be doing those soon. How would you make that work? Is it a 3-way "y" fitting to replace the OEM block?
  11. Thanks. That's what I thought. Hopefully someone will chime in with the size for stock lines.
  12. Replacing all of my brake lines and have ran into a connection problem. I have front disc brakes and on the passenger side, I have two male fittings at the shock tower. Is there a special coupler or union needed to connect the cross over line to the wheel line? If so, what size is it and where can I find one? Thanks, Andy
  13. Thanks for the help and pics. Took my sweet time and got one side in yesterday. This site and the assembly manuals have been a great help.
  14. Quick question. I am just now getting around to install my front suspension. Got all new parts since car didn't have any when I got it. Question is about the spring perch tab. Does it go towards the inside near the apron or out towards the wheel? If anyone has pics of this area, they would be appreciated as well. Thanks...Andy
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