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    71 boss 351 66 fastback pro street 08 grabber orange GT Vert. 71 &66 are being restored.


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    washington st
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  1. thanks for the Info I will give them a call if it comes to that..
  2. Thanks Guys, was wondering is there any numbers on the inside of the console like date codes or anything or will any black long center console work. Thanks again.
  3. wow great story. Thanks for sharing.. sorry tried to delete this post but could not.
  4. Hi there hope everyone had a great Easter Weekend, I am in the search for a center long black console for my 71 boss must be in good shape or reconditioned, can have clock but I do have one. Thanks for your time. God bless
  5. Jim L

    new member

    Thank's every one finally found a few pictures of it when I first got it over 20 years ago. I will see if I can figure this out how to post a picture don't know what they made it so hard.
  6. I agree I have seen this all over for sale. Its not that it is not restore able its just he does not want to sell that is why he is asking so much for it its just a conversation piece.
  7. Very nice rides ConGrats on owning them.
  8. Great post Boss1Ray. never seen that production numbers from each month before. I am new here who is Adrian Clements. Again thank you for posting it.
  9. I'm not sure that's Wimbledon white, but it sure is pretty. Hi there any luck in finding the B-1 you are looking for.
  10. Jim L

    new member

    how do you post pictures on here. dont see no place to download pictures. thanks
  11. Jim L

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    Hi there, I live in washington state. Married have been for 40 plus years to the same wonderful lady. Retired since 08, fly RC/ planes and work on mustangs, I have a 1971 boss 351 and a 1966 mustang fastback pro street also have a 08 grabber orange gt vert.I am also very busy with my grandson's and daughters with sports and all. I hope we can have a great time on this site. Thank you very much for excepting my registry. Cant wait to see all the awesome stangs on here.
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