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  1. I am glad you posted this. Had the same issue with my 71. Bought a new cigarette lighter and spliced it in behind the floor council. Runs my GPS and phone charger. Thanks again for posting.
  2. I got a Martin report because I wanted to make it like the day it rolled off the line. Just a personal choice. You have to do the car with what you want, not expectation of others. That is the reason you purchase it in the first place.
  3. You are a prince! Ordered the set this morning. It will be good to have it working soon.
  4. I am missing the gear that goes to the end of the speedo cable and C6 transmission so no mph displays. Don't know the part number for it or where I can get one. Anyone know? Stumped. Using RPMs to estimate speed....
  5. I live in Charlotte and wasn't aware of this. Thanks for posting.
  6. Do you need new or used? I may have used. May need some pictures such as fusible link, discharge hose grommets etc. I have 28 71-73 parts cars. Mike I'll take either on the throttle cable as long as it is in good shape. Looks like I can get the flex tubing at O'Reilly's or Autozone (thanks Eddie) so will try there tomorrow. I'll try and get pictures of the rubber gromets. Appreciate everyone's help! Dave This is a great link! Just what I needed. Thank you.
  7. I am down to weeks to finishing my car and need some hard to fine parts: - throttle cable for a 429 - Hot air tube - flexable aluminum for air cleaner to exhaust - Rubber gromets for Radiator Support - Discharge hose - 14 guage Fusable Link (wire) If you have or know where I can get them that would be great. I have tried Harris Mustang, NPD, CJ Pony, and Ohio Mustang. Thanks, Dave
  8. Nice to have another NC member. I am just north of Charlotte (71 Mach)
  9. I have not had much time to go to the shop and work on the car but they guys at the restoration shop have been putting in some time. Body work is done and it is now in green primer. I went up and media blasted more of the smaller pieces (door hinges, smaller body parts, front springs, etc.) and hope to get back up there the early part of next week.
  10. Thanks. Found it and am checking it out.
  11. Yes, the original engine and tranny are still with the car. It still had the original white interior when I bought it. Rebuilt the engine last year and now doing the body et al.
  12. Currently in process of a full restoration. Goal is to complete by end of July/August. Attached picture of what it should look like when completed.
  13. I had sent my Rochester carb off my 71 429CJ last year to USA Carburetors . It sat quite a while the engine was rebuilt for a few months. I did not notice the solenoid was missing until the early fall and by that time USA Carbs said they had no record of it. I can’t seem to locate one. The code (picture below) appears to be DOAZ-90856-A for a 429 CJ with automatic and air condition. Does anyone know where I can find one? Thanks. Dave
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