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  1. At work they block certain images, and for some reason yours never get through. Then on days off I'm rarely near a computer. So every time I see a new post at work I am always curious how it looks. It has been a while since I got to see your images. When I seen the paint and graphics on your car it sent shivers down my back. I don't think looking at a car has ever done that to me before. Absolutely amazing. I like the black way better than the white or yellow you were previously thinking of. The graphics blew me away. Suits the car perfectly. Great job!

  2. Made some serious progress last night. Spent the better part of yesterday morning getting the heads assembled.  My cam showed up yesterday afternoon so last night from 8pm to midnight we swapped out cams, mounted the new heads and got the valve train together.  I have to admit I'm pretty darn stiff this morning from bending over the engine all day.  Next time I'm definitely pulling the engine out. haha

  3. Intake, Headers and a more aggressive cam will net you a lot of power. These engines (especially the 4v) like to rev. One word of caution though is the stock 2 piece valves are known to fail and can wipe out an engine. So I would also highly recommend upgrading to stainless one piece valves.

  4. Yes it does. And yes the .060 does concern me a little. I’m going to pay attention to my coolant and start building a short block next winter. Run it as it is this year. With our conversations I’m going to go back with the 284hr since compression isn’t as much of an issue.

  5. Another option is to consider going EFI at this point. Its not a ton more than a carb. $800 for the 400hp unit and then add on another $200-300 for fuel pump and fuel lines. Its an easy swap as you can use the existing hard line and then use the fuel tank vent as the return line. Food for thought.

  6. I would check out what your dynamic compression will be with the different cams. There is a calculator on here somewhere that a member posted. A lot will be dependent on what you run for pistons and what you end up with for combustion chamber size.


    That is definitely part of my consideration. Ive played with that calculator a little. I’ve gotten a ton of photos of opened up CC’s so worst case I’ll do some grinding. But I’m definitely going to run flat top pistons.

  7. Very cool. I am running the Aussie heads as well. Love them. What are you going to run for a cam with them?


    I’m thinking either going to the 284hr or 290hr from the 270hr. I’m just worried about the amount of spring pressure for the screw in studs. The 284hr has the same amount of lift as the 270hr so I know that’s safe. The 290 is a little taller and if I calculated spring pressure correctly will bring me over 340lbs.

  8. Started the build of the Aussie heads. Dropped them off at the machine shop. The owner was pretty pumped about them asking me where I got them. Said he has only worked on 4 pairs in his 30 years of owning the shop. It’s a little pricey, but still cheaper than getting aluminum head and up here with the exchange rates. It will have stainless valves, bronze guides as well as hardened seats and spring pad modified. Excited to get these done and replace that cracked head on the car.

  9. You are correct to stay away from the FCC. I'm running a walbro in line pump and have yet to have an issue. I would also skip the timing control for a while, as long as you get the distributor curved to your cam shaft the timing control just isn't worth it. Plus noise can be a big issue with timing control.


    Other than that you should be happy with the FiTech. I've only had mine on for a couple months but really enjoy how easy it is to tune.

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