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  1. That is a very good point, I removed the plugs and put a giant ratchet and socket on the crank to turn the engine over.
  2. Green steering wheels rock.... Haha, yes in a green interior they do. But when you change the interior to black, it doesn't fit so well.
  3. Cleaning a carb can have its own problems. Last fall I cleaned mine (it ran fine, just preventative maintenance) and couldn't get the car to run properly again. I cleaned and rebuilt it probably 6 times before finally giving up on it. I had previously rebuilt this carb several times. Not sure what happened, blew everything out with air, rodded everything fishing line. Which is why I now have fuel injection. lol I'm not sure what the difference between the Boss 351 adjustable rockers and modern roller rockers but I adjusted mine to zero lash plus 1/4 turn. Here is a bit of a write up. Hope it helps. http://www.stangtv.com/news/how-to-set-and-adjust-valve-lash-like-a-pro/
  4. I'm used to catching flak at car shows about my build. Its a restomod, barely anything original about it. Just the way I like it. LOL. That's why I went gloss stripes and gloss hood. Although I may one day lose the stripes, not sure about that one yet. It seems to attract a lot of attention from people of my generation and younger, which is good, hopefully it will keep some of them interested in the older cars. But as far as I know I still have the original bumper. And I do still have the original steering wheel in storage, unfortunately it is green.
  5. Same reason as a lot of people, cost. I love the fastbacks but couldn't find any in my price range. I had just graduated from college and gotten married months after. I was always into imports before that and wanted to try my first muscle car. Over the years I have begun to become extremely attached to coupes. They have just as much potential to look great. Maybe because I view them as a kind of underdog, who doesn't like to root for the underdog. Haha. Something that not many people restore or have. Now I just can't bring myself to part from my coupe. Be it a coupe or a fastback, they still turn heads.
  6. What rim and tire combo did you go with now? I've always loved your set up and stance. Not to mention your photography skills! Pretty cool to be in a magazine.
  7. All I can say is..... wow. That is one clean car. That interior in immaculate. Very tastefully done car!
  8. Can't wait till you produce these, I think it will really tie in the rest of my build. I think it is very smart just to develop it as a lens.
  9. Thanks, I wish. lol. Leaves are all gone now, already had snow on the ground. Thanks, Ya that second one is probably my favorite. I put it as my FB background photo. lol. I still need to do a sweet video like yours, one day.
  10. Since I only had the car running for the past couple weeks the wife wanted to take some pictures. Seeing as to how last year I couldn't get them done by a local photographer due to the carb failing. She is a photographer but has never done automotive. I think she did pretty decent. I added them to the glamour shot section: https://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-fall-shots-pic-heavy
  11. Ok, time for an update. Had a crazy busy summer and haven't had the time to work on the car much. I ran into a return fuel pressure issue. In the spring the car fired right up without any issues, then started to idle poorly. I looked underneath and found a pool of fuel. I walked away from it at that point and just never found time to continue. Well, this fall I had some time again. I dropped the fuel tank (unfortunately the bolts were tight and they just turned so I had to dismantle the back half of the car) and pulled out the vent cap I was using as the return. I guess I should have done some more research to see it goes down to a pin hole leak. So I drilled it out and put better hose and clamps on. The difference in how the engine responds in astounding. I had my carb pretty well dialed in so there was no hesitation and power was great, but never had throttle response like this. I did have a hesitation at first but with some playing around I got it smoothened out within a couple minutes. It is amazing how easy it is to tune a vehicle when you don't need to tear down a carb every time you need to make an adjustment. You can changed settings as you drive, you can hear the difference as you adjust it. Now I just need to get the new spark plug wires in and the black alternator.
  12. Probably safe in Canada from people suing over that. Or every vehicle in an accident with aftermarket HIDs or LEDs that was in a collision would be in one. Just sell them as a member and not as a business.
  13. Finished most of the wiring and fuel lines today. I hooked the Key wire to the positive of the coil and the Tach wire to the negative of the coil. I'm hoping that will work. All thats left is wiring the fuel pump, drilling the exhaust for the O2 sensor and filling it back up with coolant.
  14. Ok. I had to share this. Also Aussie heads on route
  15. I'm running Scott Drake 1" lower performance springs, 1.125" sway bar, KYB G2 shocks, stock rear leafs. To me the car feels like its on rails but yet comfortable to drive. I also replaced all worn out bushings. If you have wander on the highway then another component that may need to be replaced is the steering box. I'm running one from Red Head and it is great. Lots of great options, I went fairly budget friendly.
  16. Glad this came up, I'm also looking for one Don. I have nothing other than the hinges. I'll send a PM.
  17. You guys need to do a production run. Even the lens came out perfect.
  18. So it's been a while since I've updated, and unfortunately I won't be saying much yet. I started the EFI install, noticed a few things as I tore down parts of the engine such as missing restrictor plate, horrible oil pressure fitting install, etc. Well finally back to putting it all together. The engine should look much cleaner and following the build of my car. My mother sent me this pic today as she is doing some painting for me. Here is a bit of a teaser. Unfortunately I'm waiting on a few more engine bay cosmetic parts. So the rest will have to wait till then.
  19. Car is looking absolutely amazing. Awesome job on the tail lights!
  20. Im running the exact kit as Mister 4x4 and have been for about 8 years (give or take). Zero issues with the kit. A friend and I installed it including drilling and tapping the block.
  21. Something else I should mention, not sure if it helps or hurts. I do not have vacuum advance set up. The distributor was set up knowing that the vacuum advance didn't work on it.
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