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  1. Good to know, thanks for the response guys. will e you are spot on, it will downshift but once I am up to highway speed it will not kick down to second when I hit it. Was never sure if it was a rpm thing or the lack of the cable. I may track one down just to try it out and see how it feels, not that my car sees the highway much. lol. I've always been around modern vehicles so before this car I've never owned anything carbureted, or with less than 5 gears. So I'm never quite sure how it should operator normally. Again thanks!
  2. Ok, I've been doing some reading but need a schooling on the kickdown cable. When I bought my car it did not have one. Now the transmission does downshift if I step on it and it seems to have a vacuum line going to the transmission. So I figured that was the kickdown all along. But reading some of the threads on here getting ready to install the 1406 carb I see most people needed an extension. It was through these pictures that I now know what a kickdown looks like. So my question is, how much more aggressive does it make it downshift? And why does my transmission downshift when I punch it? Is there anything bad with running without one? Thank you in advance.
  3. I like it! Although some colours will need to be altered a little. Such as signatures and post views.
  4. I had a harmonic type vibration that got worse when letting off the throttle at speed but almost went away when I punched it. It ended up being the driveshaft, got a new yoke, u joints and the shaft straightened. Problem solved. I did also get the tire balance checked and changed out the transmission mount as a start, didn't solve it but it is a rather inexpensive point to start at. The tires I run have a bigger bore than the hubs, the lugs all keep it centre so that shouldn't be it unless they are loose.
  5. I'm running pretty much the same setup as Mister 4x4. Actually now that I picked up a 1406 carb it may be exactly the same engine setup :cool: With the 270hr, 2v heads, performer intake, 670 cfm carb (carb I was running before swapping), long tube headers and ignition the car is a dream on the street. It still pulls all the way up to 5800 (cam isn't rated for it but I can't feel a drop off in power) but driving in town the response and low end torque is awesome. Like Mister 4x4 I estimate mine to be around 375hp, but I didn't port the heads. But I wouldn't doubt if it is over 400tq. The 2v heads are still massive compared to most small block heads.
  6. I will admit, this is the first time I've logged on in a bit. Though I had spelled the address wrong and it took me to one of those sites when you do that suggest other sites or to buy sites. I seen the login but was hesitant till I did an external search because when I pressed Forums it took me to a different site, I had to search through google, find this thread. I figured it was a scam site to get my password and info. Not trying to be negative about the new format, just explaining what my initial thoughts were as others may find the same.
  7. Definitely the open look on the bumper. Looks mean.
  8. 18 more years for me before they are off to college (and like 30 years of work). Just had another one 4 weeks ago. So I guess that has kept me busy. It is a lot nicer now having a shop to work in, I still don't have a lift but at least I have room now.
  9. 3 Years I had the same feeling. No room to work on stuff or waiting for parts or not time. Same thing. I built a work bench and shelves in my shop 2 weeks ago. Drives me nuts seeing all the dust on it but knowing there is nothing I can do about it till spring. So I know how you feel.
  10. I like that look on the 71.::thumb:: After I get the lights installed and working I may have to get a black background lamp and see how they look in the 73 bucket. I had to paint the retaining ring black or the chrome was visible. I imagine you could get them painted black or if you are undecided then some plastidip with a clear coat. That way you can easily remove it, but with the clear coat it will last a couple years before it starts to fade. That looks a lot better than I thought it would. It works really well with your combo. Thanks, I actually like how the headlights look hidden if the sun isn't directly on them.
  11. I'm running the JW Speaker Evolution headlights. Really like them. It adds a bit of a different look, but the light output is well worth it.
  12. I read that too, but I can't hear them at all over the noise of the engine and wind.
  13. Love the build. You will be happy with your choice in tires, makes it handle like a dream.
  14. Same as every one else. Red locktite. But if they have directions I would follow them.
  15. Made up my shopping list for this winter. Going to spruce up the engine bay by going with black valve covers, black air cleaner, black distributor cap, orange spark plug wires and various orange accents.
  16. That's all I used was an internal spring compressor. Seemed to grab really well and our springs aren't all that strong.
  17. I ran the cooper cobra's for a couple years. They were a decent all around tire. Good wear.
  18. Man you get some wicked photos Lux. I ended up putting 1" spacers on the rear of mine to make it closer to the fender. I regret not doing 18x10 in the back but over all I'm happy with the look.
  19. Haha, thanks. Sorry Canadian so don't really know the reference. But I get the team rivalry thing.
  20. I painted my package tray. Its been about 8 years and haven't and any water damage yet. I find water on it every time I wash the car.
  21. Welcome again from Northern Alberta (once on facebook as I'm assuming you are the individual who got the car from a crate container)
  22. I'm running 17's but I think that cuda is running bigger than that. There are a couple of us that are running lowered mustangs such as myself, luxstang, 71mach1lady.
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