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  1. Hope this works Hi Austin where are you at Im on the southside at Marsdenin Logan city John Hi UK and welcome looks good Ive got the same thing but my steering wheel is on the right (correct side) Im in Brisbane too thanks John
  2. Welcome from Brisbane Australia mines a pov pack convertible 250ci and Tbar but electric roof with power drums all round now fitted with Aussie disc brakes anyway welcome again John
  3. Hi Keith and welcome to the site John in Queensland Australia
  4. And welcome from Australia John
  5. Welcome Bobby from John in Brisbane Australia
  6. Excellent video I did recognise some from our site was looking for mine but no luck can you make another one? song was so so at least Greg Kim wont turn in his grave with that remake John
  7. Hi there I am a pretty good back yarder as well but fitting a new top was just a bit beyond me possibly could have done it but and its a big but some of the stuff Ive read you need a staple gun to stick the top to the rails and one slip and the roof dont fit so I paid for mine to be installed by a pro it cost me $900 in labour as I already had a new top but I am very happy with the result it made my vert look 100% better than before so if you can afford it get it done professionaly thats my advice just look at my avatar and you can see what it turned out like thanks John
  8. I bought my convertible off E BAY OZ six cylinder T bat auto and zero rust I paid $10k with a new roof and it had already been converted to right hand drive using XB Falcon parts (Mad Max) John in Brisbane Australia
  9. Love it thats excelent when my wife turned 30 I tried to swap her for 2 fifteen year olds that didnt work now shes 60 looking at 4 15 year olds or 2 30 year olds either way Im dead from her or with a smile on my face take your pick when we got together the latest car was an XR Falcon or a 67 Mustang wouldnt sell her for quids we had quids till 1966 then Dollars sorry my yank cousins that was an old English saying still playing with the convertible maybe this year it will be on the road John
  10. Hi Mick Matt Welcome from Australia a bit of a coincidence the QE 2/3 is parked in Brisbane Queensland as we speak anyway good story myself I also retired this year and love my 72 spent the first four years of my life in the UK in Battersea the last 61 in Australia welcome again from John in Queensland Australia
  11. Welcome from Australia John in Queensland
  12. Welcome Chris from Australia good to have you aboard and of course some pics for us to drool over John in Queensland
  13. Hi Greg and welcome to the site from John in Brisbane Queensland mines a 72 convertible but its now right hand drive using XB Falcon parts again welcome
  14. Hi OZ Mach1 glad to see another Mach1 in OZ where abouts are you Im in Brisbane John
  15. Welcome from Queensland Australia John
  16. Hi does that trick work on a convertible? my gauge only shows half when I fill it up and when showing empty its really half full any ideas thanks John
  17. Hi Kevin welcome to the site you have 30 plus more than I have Ive only got the one 72 convertible 250 six cylinder T bar auto C6 by the look of it power roof wind up windows and power drum brakes all round looking forward to seeing your cars John in Queensland Australia::welcome::
  18. And welcome from John in Queensland Australia
  19. Hi Madddog welcome to the site John in Queensland Australia::welcome::
  20. Hi Jr welcome from Brisbane Australia mines a convertible poverty pack six cylinder and drum brakes but with power roof and T bar auto any way love the F100 picture it' 1967 a young lady standing in the back of a 65 F100 like yours well it was love at first sight both the ute and the lady all those years ago and we are still together thats my story and Im sticking to it thanks John
  21. Welcome from Brisbane Australia Mines a 72 convertible John
  22. Hi Brett thanks for the info I already have orange globes in the reversing light section of the tail lights from a Hyundai fittings and globes the only prob now is I have orange reversing lights which take you back to the sixties and H4 headlights with the parker insert because I have a Mach1 grill with the orange running lights I have re wired them to run as blinkers if they are not happy having 4 orange blinkers on the front I will disconect them or remove them altogether the crap we have to go through to register our cars maybe between us we could let our American cousins just what we have to do just to drive a classic thanks John How about I start first rule to register a Left Hand Drive car it has to be over 30 years old over to someone else now maybe we could start a thread here
  23. And another welcome from Australia its coming up to summer here John
  24. Hi Kon Welcome from Australia looks good wished mine was that good John
  25. Hi all Today I pulled the seatbelts out I have to replace them with 3 point retractables front and back I have to to get it passed by an engineer so I can register it My vert has had a left to right hand drive conversion so has to be passed before I can get it on the road some of the things we have to do here in OZ to register an import 1 change the seat belts to 3 point retractables 2 change the headlights to OZ spec ones ours dip to the left 3 change the blinkers to orange 4 change the park lights to white 5 my Mach 1 parking lights are wired as blinkers 6 a child seat restraint has to be fitted in the rear this is for LHD or RHD if it comes from overseas it has to comply here just some of the crap we go through Mines is harder because it has been changed to RHD so all the welding and stuff has to be passed anyway Ive started on the complying side with the belts the rest later on thanks John
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