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  1. I just put a set of tin man connectors on my 71. Found the curve on the left connector was a little too aggressive, spent two hours with a torch and 6 ft bars correcting the bend for a snug fit...
  2. When I had my engine dyno'd they recommended to use Mystic 15W 40 after the break in oil. Apparently he runs this in both of his 1000+ HP BBF engines due to higher levels of Zinc. Best part is fleet farm sells this oil for 58$ for 5 gallons with a 20 rebate
  3. In Minnesota I have seen plenty of vehicles with original plates for the year of the vehicle on them and I know this is legal, at least in MN. Subd. 1g.Original plates. A vehicle registered pursuant to subdivision 1a, 1b, 1c or 1d may in lieu of being issued number plates by the commissioner display original Minnesota number plates issued in the same year as the model year of the car on which they are displayed. The number of the original plates must be provided to the commissioner. The original plates must be in good condition. Original Minnesota number plates shall not be used if the number on the original plate is identical to a number on any current plate or any other plate in a numbering system used by the commissioner without written authorization from the commissioner. Any person currently using plates issued pursuant to subdivision 1a, 1b, 1c or 1d shall return those plates to the commissioner before substituting original plates. The commissioner shall charge a fee of $10 for registering the number on original plates.
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