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  1. Missed these when I did my steering box. Got mine from NPD plus a $300.00 core charge. Missed that upgrade option..oh well. Still operates pretty good.
  2. Hello and Welcome! I would go back to Glow Gold. Of course a bit bias here since I have a '72 Glow Gold Mach 1 with Ginger interior. Let me tell you, that color gets some attention. You see plenty of red and blue Mach's but so far have not seen any Glow's. Hope to have it put back together by the time for St. Augustine MCA show. Anyway..hello from Orlando (just north of you) ..
  3. Planning on being there. Hope to have the Mach 1 put back together by then. Or else it will be trailered!
  4. For the sportsroof have to say both the front chin spoiler and rear. To me, it give a more aggressive look. Just got the mach 1 and was thinking of rear louvers. Convertible is either but still partial to the spoiler. Even on the newer Mustangs think it just does not look quite right.
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    Hi there..! Have a '72 Sportsroof. Need to save up for a few interior parts myself. Give National Parts Depot a try..
  6. Well have a few Mustangs in the drive way: 1972 Mustang Mach 1 Sportroof - two months. Birthday present to wife 2004 Roush Stage 2 One Year - My birthday present! 2011 Mustang GT/CS 4 Years Convertible 2005 Mustang Coupe: 4 Years - Daughters Car (Still counts) 1990 Mustang Anniversary Edition Convertible 8 years. Sold to a friend to fund the '72 Mach 1. Will eventually come home! There are about 5 more over the past years that have come and gone. All have been fun!
  7. Agree. Just found this place and catching up on all the info here. Great place!! What's TV?
  8. Hi there from Florida! Not warm and sunny Florida at the moment. LOL. New here also, have a '72 Mach 1. Doing lots of reading! Post up some pics when you can
  9. Nice! Just picked up our '72 H code Sportroof - Gold Glow. We will be there at St. Augustine. Prob display only at this point. Will also have the '04 Roush there too. In Orlando so just a 2 hour drive guess we will drive but toying with the idea of trailering. We are staying at the Southern Oaks across street from host hotel. Ken
  10. Good look, especially the vinyl top. Hope to see you around some shows. We plan on going to Ancient City Nationals (MCA) in St. Augustine in April. Debating about driving or trailering.
  11. Yep, wandering around the Marti reports last night and ran across this car that looked great! And funny thing is the VIN's matched! If James is around I would love to hear from him. I bought the car at Mecum auction in Kissimmee. Got to meet the owner who was a retired Sheriff in Mt. Dora. Told me he got the car from someone in California and was a father son project, think he said son was disabled. I would really like to get in touch, get some history, stories and pictures of the car in the past. Besides the car, its the history and stories that it has to tell. Love the car, bought it for the wife for her birthday present. Its in near perfect shape just a few minor things to do. Ken W Will do, we have gone to a few cruise in's so far and always get comments on the car especially the color! I'll post some more pic's later. Thanks!
  12. Hi, not sure if you still monitor this board. But, I ended up with your Mach 1 here in Florida in 01/16. Feel free to message me.
  13. Thanks for the ad. Just picked up a 1972 Mach 1, 351c Gold Glow Metallic. Previous owner did some good work to restore her, but still a long way to go. On the short list: 1. Passenger side door sags and need to replace panel 2. Rear suspension needs some major improvement. Hit a bump and it bottomed out 3. Interior dash work Good thing is engine is strong, was converted from 2v to 4v has a mild cam. Need to go through engine and document what's in there and see what type of horsepower it puts out. Time to have fun but where to start!
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