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  1. Would that make your car an import and require metric wrenches? I have a set of metwrenches that can go either way. So if I find a Prius motor at the local flea market, I'm ready. I have used Dave's "swinging" metric wrenches that can go either way and hate them... Sorry Dave.::thumb::
  2. Good info ebstang, just re-read the entire post from beginning to end and actually learned a few things. That is difficult to do as I get older, but it does happen... I would also like to apologize to 4x4 for taking over his original post, I was just looking for thermostat information for our rebuild. Clevelands are quite interesting engines in this regard. :thankyouyellow:
  3. As some of you may know I have inquired here regarding a few special issues/quirks of the 351C 4V. And this is in regard to a very stock rebuild not to exceed about 5700 rpm. This is what I believe I now understand: 1. Front cam bearing should have no more than a .003-.005 setback from the front of the block. 2. Stock valves need to be replaced due to their weakness in stock form. 3. The stock 4V heads (63cc closed chamber) should not need any porting or extra machine work. 4. A Cleveland specific thermostat should be used if available. I do not want to rehash any of the 4 points listed above and have really learned more than I thought I would on these 4 items. I paraphrased these 4 points in the interest of brevity. What I am really after now are anything that has not been mentioned above that is different for a Cleveland motor than for other engine rebuilds. It seems like the Cleveland is quite an onion and the more I look into the quirks of the motor, the more is uncovered. What else could there possibly be that is specific to the Cleveland engine? Thanks in advance to all who respond. Jeff-
  4. Before someone post a novel - the answer to your question is....................................wait for it.......................................here it comes............. Yep! -Paul of MO lollerz Thanks for the direct and to the point answer...
  5. I am such a geek for the B/RB mopars. Every time you post a picture of the motor I just drool. And I would like to mention that I really appreciate all the information I have received and learned on this forum, and have also noticed that a bunch of ford guys are not snobby about having us discuss mopars here. This is truly a diverse and helpful forum...::thumb::
  6. So, in summary, the right thing to do is run a Cleveland specific thermostat and there are no issues? The block off device is needed if you divert from the stock setup? :chin:
  7. Thanks John, I don't think I need one, but wanted to be sure it was correct and didn't really know how difficult they are to remove. The only reason I considered removing it was I didn't want it to get lost or damaged during the hot tank, but since it is still there I wanted to be sure it was correct. Looks like we need to get the correct thermostat before the final assembly. One question though, shouldn't it be directly beneath the thermostat hole? It looks like it is offset towards the front of the block a bit. I will get pictures of it next week if I get time.
  8. We are rebuilding a 351C and it appears that the restrictor hat is permanently attached to the engine block. When we tore the engine down I was aware of the removable hat, but noticed that what looks like the restrictor hat would not come out of the block. The block has now been hot tanked and bored .030 and was curious if the hot tank process would loosen or even destroy the hat. It did not and is in the same place it was before the machine work. It the spot in the block simply a mounting spot for the hat? It looks just like the pictures posted here of what the hat should look like, but is not removable. Is it possible that the hat is permanently mounted in the block? How difficult is it to remove the restrictor hat? I am at a bit of a loss and appreciate some input.
  9. It looks like it will be a twin of this engine and am really envious, but not envious of the tuning on the six pack that will be inevitable... I was going to run buy there during lunch today, but wasn't feeling too good. I am going to attempt to get some pictures tomorrow, stay tuned... Hope it hasn't been sold! Looking forward to seeing some pics of the 72 RR. Never had multi carbs so yeah the tuning will be a new experience for me. That was one of the reasons why the 4V carb was used for break in to avoid unnecessary cranking of the motor. The power steering pump is on the motor now, still waiting for the alternator brackets and a few misc parts. Bad news, or good news for my bank account! The 72 Roadrunner was sold a few weeks ago. It's probably a good thing that I didn't drive past it every day. My driveway is already full (nothing classic though) and I didn't need to explain the expenditure to the Mrs...:whistling:
  10. It looks like it will be a twin of this engine and am really envious, but not envious of the tuning on the six pack that will be inevitable... Looks good John. This thread has that effect lol. Pics please. I was going to run buy there during lunch today, but wasn't feeling too good. I am going to attempt to get some pictures tomorrow, stay tuned... Hope it hasn't been sold!
  11. Now you've done it, I am going to have to go buy that 72 with the 510 Stroker I told you about... Dang it!!!
  12. I really like the stripe that is added in Eric's inspiration picture, but it is his car and he can do what he wants. Besides, he is a paint and body man and can probably change it over a long weekend. Just my 2 cents....::thumb::
  13. Good evening everyone, Since my original question regarding stock valve springs was answered and not thinking that 40 year old springs should be replaced anyway, I have realized that yes, we need to replace all of the springs. My later follow up question regarding stock spring rates got a little lost somewhere along the way, but it was also determined that the stock rates are much too low for any camshaft that would be installed. After studying the book by Tom Monroe a little I found what I was looking for. The factory spec spring rates for both open and closed valves. The specs for stock 4V valve springs are finally discovered.
  14. The book I have is the one that has been recommended by several members by Tom Monroe.
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