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  1. Good stuff! I will see if I can find any over here to give it a go. Over here in the UK I have been using "citric acid" which im sure is available in the US. I put about 5 gallons or water in a garden trug, and then just mix in some acid, I dont measure but I guess its about 3 table spoons full. I normally leave it in 24-48hrs depending on the level of rust These were some prototype shackles that I made and fitted to a van in their raw steel form, and this is what they looked like after a few months of varying weather and salted roads After a 48hr bath. They are a bit stained as I didnt wash the residue off of them with soapy water before they dried This is what they look like if you wash them in soapy water straight after dipping Top shackle is dipped & washed, bottom was before dipping with light corrosion I have also been recommended Oxalic Acid, so I bought some to try out, its more expensive than the citric acid, but im hoping the consentraion will be less to compensate the extra cost. I like the citric acid as its non corrosive, odour free, safe around pets and most importantly its cheap :)
  2. When / If you bite the bullet Mark, I may be interested in your old wheels/tyres :)
  3. Thats good to know, im only in Farnham, Surrey (just up the road from wheels day). The Chelsea Cruise is also picking up momentum again, particularly through the summer months :)
  4. Back in the good old days, if you smiled nicely or was a familiar face at the counter they would let you pick out the regno yourself from what what left from the current 999 numbers they were using. Unless you got a missirable old bat :D On a side note, I remember signs being up in the office saying "please do not give the staff gifts" :whistling:
  5. Dont worry im not a Rozzer lol lollerz The second letter in you regno denotes where it was first registered in the UK, In your case its an "L" which is West London, and the VRO for West London back then was Victoria Road Ruislip. Back then Ruislip used to cover all of NW, W, SW Middlesex, Hilingdon, Harrow, Surrey, Hertfordshire etc. The reason I know is, that 1. I grew up only a couple of miles away, and 2. I worked for a car manufacturer for years and my job covered New Registrations, and Imports from Italy & the Channel Isles ::thumb:: Back then the order of the 3 letters were issued in sets of 999 on V53's, so you will probably find that all 71/72 imports registered in at that office all had the "JLD" suffix
  6. Looks a beauty He must be fairly close to me, do you know if the MOCGB will be represented @ Wheels Day next month?
  7. Technically only the tread of the tire has to be contained within the arch! But that is interpreted differently from rozzer to rozzer. I would just tell them that they are factory fitted wheels, they can never prove different, and because its classified as a historic car they will soon loose interest ;) I have 33" x 12.5 tyres which stick out of my Wranglers arches by 3" and I have never had an issue with the old bill, but I must admit that it would need a bit more explaining on my part :P The ones on Gregs look like they would be fine, but an overhead shot would be good to make sure
  8. Thanks Mark Just had a look at your website, and loving the Convertible :) Looks like it was Registered at the Ruislip VRO when it arrived in the UK. Is the car still down south (West London)? Cheers Al
  9. You read my mind ::thumb:: I did read somewhere that the NASA hood was std on the 71 model Mach 1's and then became an option ::shrug:: Im still learning so would like to know. Would the Marti report show this? Thats lovely ::thumb:: But dont make the choice any harder than it is lol ;) I like the Argent Silver, but yes the black does look more angry!
  10. Im after the following, & must be able to ship to the UK: Full set of headliner bows Both rear bow retainers Full set of headliner retainers/grippers Must all be from a Mach 1 / Sportsback Cheers Al
  11. Hi all Just thought I would share by doing a build thread on my newly purchased 72' Mach 1 (built August 71) I have just purchased this from a dealer in California (who sells to a good friend of mine on a regular basis). Its a blue and gold plate car and I have been told that it is completely rust free and still has visible spot welds along the seams, rockers etc. its a 351 2v, originally in Grabber Blue with white interior. All I know about the car at the moment is what I am told by the dealer and the pictures that I have below, so heres what I know so far: Its been sitting for a while but starts from a gas can and selects all gears It has been painted badly in that past in a maroon colour It has the wrong front seats, but I have sourced some Mach 1 seats that will be in it when its shipped (although odd colours) The headliner, bows & retainers are missing (priority to find) It has the wrong front bumper, hood & fender trim It was factory fitted with a 3.25 Trac Lok & FMX In the pictures it has the mounting for A/C but not sure if it was factory fitted or whether its had a motor swap at some point in its life Has a Tacho! (I understand this was an option?) Has a B&M Auto Shifter As you can imagine I am sitting here with anticipation like a child waiting for it to arrive in the UK :D I have worked in the motor industry for over 30 years and have restored & modified many many cars and trucks over the years, I know what im doing with both mechanical and bodywork, so I would like to think that its in good hands :) I just need to get up to speed with my Mustang knowledge as this is only the 3rd but most interesting American Car that I have owned ::thumb:: The plan is to take it back to Grabber Blue with Black Decals, Black Interior and add front and rear spoilers, and get rid of the Centrelines, but that could all change as things progress :whistling: I will get a Marti report soon just to see what it left the factory with, but that probably wont have any bearing on the rebuild Here are some pics of the car, if there is anything else you can notice about the cars spec or missing parts please let us know :thankyouyellow:
  12. Thanks for the advise :) I certainly will be using the sponsers of this website in the near future ::thumb:: So im now on the search for bows & retainers :chin: I have found some bows in California but they wont ship to the UK which is a shame :huh: The light may well be missing as well, but I have been told there are parts in the car, I guess I will have to wait until it arrives so I can have a good look to see exactly what im missing :) But whilst im waiting, is there a preference to the best quality headliners, sailboards & seat covers?? Cheers
  13. For sure :D And to make matters worse, I have just ruptured my calf muscle so will be on crutches pretty much until it arrives :-/ On the bright side, a dodgy leg gives me plenty of time for online researching :bravo:
  14. Hi all I recently bought a Mach from California and I am waiting for it to be shipped to the UK, so I cannot physically see it in the flesh. I know it needs a headliner, bows, sound proofing & sail boards, by this picture I have been sent below. I am told the plastic edge trims are in the car as are the seat belts Im trying to get all the parts together, to put in the car before its shipped (as it will save me a fortune in shipping & duty costs), is there anything I will likely need looking at the pic??? The local Mustang dealer close to the shipper deals in Scott Drake parts! Are these headliners/sail boards etc any good from Scott Drake or would another manufacturer be recommended instead? Also the Scott Drake catalog that I have does not list the bows!! Are these available and from whom? Sorry for all the questions & thanks in advance :)
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