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  1. Yes I told him about both the site and the Facebook group. He didnt seem too interested but did agree to keep me updated on his progress. Hopefully he will join here and also keep me updated. Don, It is bitter sweet. I will have another one one day but it will be one a little more complete where I can just upgrade and not have to rebuild everything. Probably once I get the new one paid off is when I will start looking for another one. I just hope I can find another 4 speed. That is the thing I hate the most about getting rid of the car. It was a factory 4 speed. I will stil
  2. Well I sold the 72 last weekend. It went to a guy in Syracuse NY. He drove down to SC bought it and headed right back. It was bitter sweet seeing it go but it was for the best. I just did not have the time, patience and desire to work on it. I still love the cars since it was like my first car in HS, I did replace it with another Mustang though. A 2019 Premium GT. I know I am in debt and they dont have the character of the 72 but that 465 HP backed up by a 6 speed transmission and performance package suspension sure is nice. :D I appreciate all the advice you guys have given me
  3. My motor is a .030 over Q code. I think it has a mild cam. It does have an edelbrock torque intake. I've got a 650 dbl pmp Holley on it now however it is not in good shape even after a rebuild. Its running very rich and the AF mixture screws do very little when adjusted. Right now they are a full turn out on both sides. It is shooting fuel up from the throat (Not needle and seat) every time I open the throttle. Its like the fuel from the shooters is hitting the choke plate and deflecting up in the air. There is also play in some of the linkage. I am thinking about giving up on this ca
  4. I will be there Saturday morning and be on the lookout for yall. David, congrats on getting your car in!
  5. Mine came with the deluxe interior. Hopefully it will just be a straight forward install. The interior was missing when I bought the car all but the seats and dash. So I will be installing without the benefit of uninstalling first. :chin:
  6. I have looked at some videos on YouTube and several of them show putting burlap down over the frames and then putting the pads and covers on. Is that necessary?
  7. WOW!!!! This thread is encouraging and motivating. GREAT JOB!!!! For the black on the skirt is it flat black or gloss? Are you doing flat black on the hood? What paint system did you go with? Brand, primer, etc? ::thumb::
  8. I'm hoping by posting this it will light a fire under me to get on it. I bought it 4 years ago not running and sense then I have changed the head gasket, installed a torquer intake and holley 650. Rebuilt the heater box and gone through the brakes. The short term goal is to get it drivable with an interior in it. Long term is a color change to a dark blue with matt black mach 1 hood paint, no hockey sticks just the Mach 1 sticker. It is a numbers matching factory 4 speed with AC and deluxe white interior. Although I love the white interior I'm not the person that could keep it that way
  9. Lets see some pics and ideas of where to mount speakers. subs and amps.
  10. I'm not sure I want to do this job myself. How much would\should it cost to take the seats and the new foam and covers to an upholstery shop and have them do it?
  11. I just looked at Mustang Market and they appear to be the way to go. What cutting do you have to do on them??? Pretty easy? I would hate to spend $330 and screw them up!
  12. There is nothing that will make your car look like a POS more than a flat tire!!! :@ I just put 2 new front tires on and one of them has gone flat! Its probably a leak around where the bead and the rim seal at since my rims were a little rusty when I took them to have the tires put on. Its just discouraging to work on when you have a flat tire for some reason. Any car can look good as long as it has a good set of inflated tires on it. Mine is a prime example!! rofl Sorry for the rant. Had to get it off my chest!! :D
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