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  1. I purchased a never completed 1971 prostock race car roller that had not been touched since 1970. Its a real ford body in white and appears to be a factory sponsored car. I found the paperwork for motor work done from Paul Machine in Jupiter Florida from 1970 and tracked down the man who owned the shop who is known on 7173 as Paul of mo and he still had the motor so I was able to buy a vintage boss 351 prostock that was built with all of the best tricks and mods of the days. I have talked more to Mr. Paul in the last few weeks. He did not sell the engine because rules changed and Ford droped out of draagracing in 72. He said the engine was an experiment and he couldn’t sell it. Heres why. The crank is stroked for 6 of the 8 rods. In the car the tech inspection could really only check the front 2 sparkplug holes for the stroke. The more cubic inches the motor had the bigger the weight penalties. The distributer is a one of a kind homemade part that does not work like anyother dist and it does not have a limit to how fast it can work. The heads have port plates and intake side stuffers with titanium valves and springs. The block is all rerouted for the oil and has lines running everywhere. It also has been set up for a vacume pump system to take the pressure out of the engine for more hp. It has a homemade tunnel ram that was made to fake a weiand but works above 10000rpm. New stuff, We discovered that the bottom of the intake that covers the valley had 2 parts and was hollow inside with a passage cast into it that runs up to a intake bolt hole?? We found another port inside that had a tiny pressure valve in it but did not go anywhere?? I called Mr. Paul and this is what he told me. 1 of the intake studs was hollow and had a hole in it that lined up with the hole in the intake. You could screw a line onto the top of the bolt and pump nitrous into the manifold. The other valve could be shimmed to open at about 450 pounds. You filled the intake to about 400 pounds when the motor was cold. When the temp went up then the pressure in the chamber went up with it and once it hit 550 it would open the valve and let the gas flow threw very small wire drilled passages that runs to each intake port. It took about 2 min for the gas to go out. That would be long enough to do a burn out get set up and make a pass before there was no more gas left. The holes are so tiny that you can not even see them in the rough texture inside the runners. The relief valve is so small and hidden that you would not notice it even if you figured out there was a hidden chamber in the intake. We pumped it up with our compressor and at 500 it started hissing and at 50 there was the tiniest little tick sound and the hissing ended. There are no parts to it that can be seen and only one moving part. Mr. Paul said that others would catch on and waste as much time getting ready to race to let the other guys gas run out. He called this burning them down. I looked this up and it was common to see this happen in the 70s and 80s. He said once it was figured out everyone who did this had to come up with something different. With instructions from Mr. Paul we are replacing the rods and pistons with arias set ups 2 ford and 6 chyslers and will drop the compression to 12 to 1 and we are swapping out the distributor with a new msd. The tunnel ram had tops for 2 kindig box carbs. These were early preditor style carbs so we are going to try to get that set up running. He says we should have an easy 750hp without the gas and over 800 with it. We get the rods and crank back from the machine shop in a few weeks and then will get it all put back together. We are getting help from a local racer who builds 351 based racecars he thinks this is the coolest thing he has ever seen. We are still figuring out what the car is and who may have been building it but are hitting dead ends. Once we get more details I will post pictures and are certain we own it free and clear.
  2. I'll post up here - Hope you don't mind. Did not expect 2 ford and 6 oldsmobile rods inside. Number 1 journals are stock stroke and the the others are not even close. Guessing tech inspectors checked the easiest hole to get to? The port plates on the heads have some sort of asbestos gasket between them that has come apart. The compresion ratio calculated to 14 to 1 with the heads on it and was only 12 to 1 with the other heads you gave me. Did you cast the tunnel ram yourself? It says Weiand on it and has a number on it but it is not that intake and it looks a little rough. We bought one just to compair what you did to it and it is not the same intake. Yours is more like a sheet metal intake inside with straight shot runners and no curves or radius's. What was the other tops for? does not fit holly. The valves are insanely light - not even sure what they are made of. We nearly killed us taking them apart with well over 200 pounds of seat preasure closed. Plus the odd overlapping keepers and 2 part retainers had us confused. The stem diameter is much larger than a stock valve but they have the ford logo on them. The inside of the distributor was coroded but had 4 little plastic and brass gears and a lever instead of points. The 2 gears rotate the brass parts make contact for a certain period of time but do not have to open or close just rotate. Each pair handles one half of the spark plugs. the whole distributor rotates for the advance. What looked like the manual tach drive actually moves the distrib and is controlled by the throttle cable or lever off of the carbs not sure we did not get carbs with it. The cam specs were unexpectedly tame - just over .7 on both the intake and exhaust. we have not put iton a wheel to see the centeline and durations yet. It looks like the valve covers and back of the block are plumbed for a electric vacume pump? The tubes go down to a bracket with nothing in it. The rod caps have very fat stubby rod bolts and oversized nuts with some sort of epoxy on the threads. We got them apart and found that the rod bolt hole was sleaved and the clearance between the bolt and the sleave was very tight. To put them back together we are going to have to press the rod cap onto the sleave and then press the rod bolt into the sleave from above and then install the nuts all while the crank is in the block. Hints? The rest is just sweet - everything nicely rounded off and polished. Lots of massaged bits and peices here and there. Holes opened up and chamfered with others welded up or plugged. Has an internal oil line in the lifter valley for the mains fed directly from the oil pump. Everything else looks rreally nice for setting for so long. We will wait to hear from Mr. Paul before we put it back together. Mike.
  3. Keep us informed on your great find a NOS Body in White. David It is definitely a Ford body in white. We have the Ford shipping reciept and the number is in the sequence with known cars shipped in 1970. It has been stitch welded every 4 inches on every seam and has a full cage, suspension and motor plates. It seems like this car just was lost in the shuffle between teams and builders and ford politics. I was told that Ed Terry may have been building a car when ford gave him a turn key Maverick built by Holman and Moody. No one left around remembers what that car was or how far along he had got. Mr. Paul thinks this is probably his car based on the dates and the car. Mike
  4. Last spring we bought an unfinished 1971 Mustang prostock project out of a warehouse in southern California. The build was started in 1970 and appears to have been a factory sponsored car. From what we where told it was only half done but when we got it un burried it pleased us to find that it was nearly complete. Basically a ready to go roller with no engine or transmission. It had not been touched since Sept 1970. Some but confusing recourds with it and the owner of the warehouse knows little about it - they bought the building in 1981 and it was there. If it is a real body in white factory car I did good. If it is just a old school racer then I paid way to much. I have got some great help from people who know about the 1970 Trans Am factory body in white cars run by Bud Moore and they say it looks to be real just they have never heard of it. Ford has no recourds of it but we have a shipping reciept from Ford for #xx-xxxx and this car has that number on a rivited tag on the cowl. I am not posting the number yet until we figure out for sure what we have. We did find paper work for engine work from a Paul Machine in Jupiter Fl dated 1970. That is how I found this site. I tracked down the owner of the address listed and he bought it from Paul Machine in 1986. He gave me the last contact info he had and it was still good. I talked to Mr. Pauls son and asked if he knew anything about it and was shocked to find out that Mr. Paul Sr. was still alive. I flew to Missouri and met Mr. Paul at his sons home - Not only did he have recourds of the engine work he did he still had the engine. He had recieved a deposit and the engine was never picked up or paid for. From memory he thinks it was an Ed Terry or Martin car but they switched to a Maverick and then Ford bailed out of drag racing in 1972. I was able to purchase the engine for a fair price. We drove down and what a great guy Mr. Paul is. He took me in his shop and in between his MANY Boss 429's and SOHC 427's was a 351c with all the 1970's tricks and port plates still in place. It was a Boss Engine shiped directly from Ford to Mr. Paul in 1970. He said I should join this site and post about the car. He included another set of modified boss heads that he said would look the same but actually work better than those "cut up mother f.....ers". I wanted him to go through the engine but he said no saying at 94 he was not able to do much anymore. We have stayed in touch and I have got him in contact with collectors and restorers that I know and they have been able to purchase quite a bit of his stuff. We are close to documenting the car - it will not be a high dollar collectible because it was never raced or clearly owned by someone famous but it will be a nice piece. Once we are done confirming everything I will post pictures. It was an honor to meet Mr. Paul and his family. I hope to be half as sharp as he is if I even make it to the 90s. Mike Bunch
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