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  1. Thanks guys. I did eyeball this one, I really liked it. Paint looked beautiful. Sold now, but seemed priced very good at $17,000. A/C was missing under hood. And this one sold for 12K on the ebay. Jan 2015. Not as nice, but loaded. Had an antenna on the rear fender... Well not in a hurry, i am getting over that nasty bug going around! John
  2. Hi all. I used to have a 67. Anyway, looking for a nice driver. 71-73 fast back. Budget is up to 18-22k max. A/C, is a must, power windows is really desired. Fold down seat is handy too. , well, it will be a daily driver. There was a blue one that sold here for 17k. That was a nice. The A/C didn't work, but the beautiful condition made up for that! I am in Bradenton Fl, and this forum seems active. It's been years since I owned a car with a carb! And the money comes from a certified check from a trust fund. (long story behind that!) And I saw some really good deals on eBay. As someone else said, prices seem all over the place. Thanks, John.
  3. Just checking in and saying HI. Many years back, I had a 67 FB. (fastback, not FaceBook!). Well, you know the story, kids house (ya, divorce too). So, here I am at age 58, looking for a car. Now, the 71-73s for me, I always liked them. So, I hope to find one in the next few months. (ok, I did drive a 69 Charger R/T 40 years ago, got a soft spot for those too). And, this forum seems active, I like that. So, I will start my quest soon, John
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