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  1. Thanks for looking. I purchased a set from Don.....
  2. :thankyouyellow: I need a battery hold down for my 72 vert that is restorable.
  3. http://image1.cougparts.com/sc/images/1000527_1.jpg Scott says this one is for the large lid
  4. I may have found the answer. Air Cleaner Decal, 351-4V Regular Fuel, Large Diameter, Ranchero, Torino, 1972 Part Number: 42-74036-1 Brand: Jim Osborn Air Cleaner Decal, 351-4V Regular Fuel, Large Diameter, Ranchero, Torino, 1972
  5. Jeff is this one that you could measure for everyone? This is the reproduction that does not fit...if you look very closely you can see where I had to cut into three pieces to make the radius contour the same as the lid. No one will ever notice but me but seems like they could just make them right to begin with. By Joe you are right I see it as plain as day right after the 4V I see one of your splices. If you did not know it was spliced it would be easily overlooked.
  6. No idea on the 2V but my guess is it is wrong also. Here is a pic of a 72 Q code air cleaner with decal. Jeff is this one that you could measure for everyone?
  7. Maybe someone can take full measurements of a known factory stock one Total length Total width length measurement across widest part (center) from tip to tip or from end to end across. Then I could shop for a supplier using the measurements and that would help us all.
  8. No idea on the 2V but my guess is it is wrong also. Here is a pic of a 72 Q code air cleaner with decal. Very nice yes it looks just like mine except my decal was in rough shape. But this one is nice I'll take it.....................
  9. Well, I ordered an air cleaner decal for my chrome air cleaner on my 1972 Mustang 351 C 4V the other day from vintage graphics. The size is too small for my factory large air cleaner, the radius was too tight and the width was off by about 1/4" the length was short by 1" on each end. Seems like it is for a smaller air cleaner but it was advertised for 1972 Mustang 351C 4V which is what I have. I have searched the archives and found several with the same problem but none were solved or had any conclusion. Has anyone been able to find the larger air cleaner decal for the Q code 351 C 4V ? It looks like what I ordered was D2OF-9C611-BC Someone else said Osborne sells DF0365 to fit my car but not confirmed. A little help from Don maybe or any member that has solved the same problem. :cool:
  10. (closed)I need a restorable set of factory valve covers to go on my 1972 351 Q code Mustang. I plan on restoring a set and then installing them later after a good cure cycle on the paint. Mine are in good shape but I would like to have a set ready to go and then change them out. Shipping quote to SW Florida 33971 Thanks Rodney Robbins
  11. I may know someone with a pair, can't be sure, but will let you know next week. So you have a 72Q. I sold mine in 91, big mistake. It too was a 4 speed but with a 3.73. gear if I remember. Fast car. I only found out about 2 years ago, that most of the engine was a 71 Boss, but I did know squat back then. Oh well, life sucks sometimes eh! Sounds great thanks for your help and sorry about your loss. I just ordered a new clutch for mine I just do not understand why my clutch is worn out hahahahahaha
  12. I am looking for a set of used 351V valve covers that I can restore to change mine out without downtime waiting for the paint to dry hahahah. I am in SW Florida 33971 zip code for shipping quote. My car is a Q code 1972 351C 4V :thankyouyellow: Thanks Rodney
  13. Mike I would be interested in the battery hold down if you still have it. Rodney Robbins
  14. Thanks everyone for your help and advice. I think I am very close to the right engine code decal with everyone's help, what a great site. Rodney
  15. I copied and pasted your note to my Mustang folder. Good info and I thank you. You have a very nice looking engine, mine I hope will be identical. Thanks Rodney
  16. Guys I am trying to find the right codes for my valve cover drivers side engine code decal. I ordered one from ebay and found out it was California emissions and air conditioned car. My car is a 1972 351C 48 states car with no AC and a 4sp tranny. I found one on fordification site for 1973 but I am sure the codes are probably different. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwiRrPy97tTVAhWF1CYKHRDdAf4QjRwIBw&url=http%3A%2F%2Ffordification.net%2Ftech%2FengineIDtags.htm&psig=AFQjCNEG_vsvjAN_3382rxQ3MC9_EYzlgA&ust=1502735987257623 Any help please................
  17. On a side note I cannot seem to get my spark plug wires on my distributor end to push all the way down and stay, is there a trick to doing that? I cannot twist the boots I tried with extreme pressure and if I apply any more the wires will break.
  18. Well I installed my dual inlet hookup to the carb today and because the fittings were chromed I could not get them to seal. On a good note my car idles nicely with the new carb and intake. I have the old fuel line jury rigged with a section of rubber hose as a temp fix until I can find out what fitting is used on the fuel pump outlet. Fordification discussion on this seems to be a 1/8" NPT fitting for a 5/16" line, we will have to see... Geoff thanks for the nice pic that is about the layout I was thinking of.
  19. Very nice job you have done. Mine will look as good as yours I hope. That steel line I am sure was not easy to form. What fitting will I have for a factory stock 1972 351C ?
  20. I will be purchasing a fuel line tomorrow to go from pump to 4150 Holley. I will be getting a 5/16 line that I can hand form. Anyone done this and remember what length and fitting size I need to purchase. I can take off my old line if necessary but I am sure someone knows what fitting goes into the pump, I hope.... I can buy a longer length than I need because one end will hook up to the carb using rubber hose and fuel filter. 351C Qcode 4sp
  21. Welcome from SW Florida . Good luck on your build. You came to the right place for help and advise.
  22. Thanks I finally figured it out, sometimes I am just not very smart.....hahahahahah
  23. Well I am not very good on the fab side of things and I was hoping someone else had had the same problems and can help a little. I installed a new Air Gap intake on my 1972 351C and bolted up the throttle cable this morning and it looks like it is 2" to long at idle and 4" too long at WOT. In the stock location with the stock bracket and stock cable from my old setup 4300. I looked for an adjustment but I cannot see anyway to adjust that much length out of this cable. I did a search on this site and did not find anything related to a long cable. I also have a coil mount problem in that the old coil mount location will no longer work due to the humpy large runners, it will not mount in the same location, any ideas?
  24. Not my engine but thought I would pass it on just in case anyone needs one. 351 Cleveland 1972 engine block for your mucle car or for drag racing. Hard to find a standard bore 351 Cleveland block, ready to be machined and built. 1970 to 1974. This is not a Windsor or a 351M block, Clevelands make serious horsepower. $300.00 (954) 684-2894 text or voice message, all calls returned, thank you. Mustang, Torino, Pantera, Ford. Hollywood Fl
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