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  1. Hey can I use a 4hole gasket to install my Holley 4150 on my Air Gap intake? It looks like it is not a solid base just a little short runner on the center of the intake.

    I do have one of the 1/8" thick 4 hole carb base gasket to help control heat, but after looking at it it may not work.


    What do you think?

  2. Often a small cordless impact driver would work well in trying to remove rusty bolts. The impact action is more likely to loosen any crud/rust and successfully extract a bolt. Lots of smaller taps are often better vs a single high torque removal action of a ratchet.


    Like said above, Clevelands don't have coolant in the intake. If any of the bolts would be more difficult to remove it would be the ones at the center of the intake around the heat riser port as they may be a little heat frozen.


    Thanks for your advise. I have a small butterfly type air impact and I will try that and see how well it works. I guess I was a nervous nelly about the bolts snapping.

  3. Hey guys I will be installing a new air gap intake in a few days and I am a little worried about broken bolts on my original intake Q code 3514V engine. The intake has never been off since new.


    Any tips, advise on the changeover would be great. The Airgap intake will be topped off with a 650 DP mechanical secondaries.


    I have watched a few YouTube videos and each one did the gasket install a little different.


  4. I just purchased a rebuilt Holley DP with manual secondaries and I would like to install it with an air gap dual plane intake not purchased yet. I am looking for advise to use existing throttle cable if possible on my stock 351 Q code 4 V with a 4 sp tranny.


    Any other tips would be great"......

  5. I am leaning toward a new purchase of a quick fuel 650 with mechnicial secondary. I am also thinking of an intake change since the carb is not a direct fit on my original intake.

    Has anyone used this combo on a 4v 351c with a 4speed?

    Any input or comments would be great.

    Also open to other combos that will give great low end torque.

  6. They make a material that has superior braking I think they are rated at 4.5 where the standard brake shoes are rated around 1.5 or 2. I do not remember the name of this super shoe. I heard about it on wheeler dealer they wanted to keep a clean Volvo original so they added the super brake shoes that gave them near disk brake preformance. Wish I knew more but you should be able to do a google search and come up with this super grip compound.

    Good Luck

  7. I cant believe it! I actually own this 429cj::thumb::


    I dont know if this is the correct forum to post this.......but, here is a pic....more to come!


    It is a picture of the car getting picked up at the seller.




    Nice car I feel a little jellous"........

    Is it a 3 pedal car ?

  8. Has anyone set up as a Vendor at Zephyrhills Fl Swap Meet?

    This will be my first time an I need some insider tips about best place to set up, rules, what sells, best time to arrive, what gate to go to as a vendor.


    Any helpful advice would be great.

  9. I'm brand new to mustangs and older cars so take it easy on me. Got a 72 a couple days ago and I'm hooked. The car was born with a 302 but was swapped with a 351 Cleveland 5 years ago. The motor was built by a company in Houston and they put some goodies in it. I tested it out today and spun the tires as I was going 30 mph. I didn't realize it could do that. 4 speed top loader trans. At any rate, I've enjoyed it already and I look forward to learning more about the older mustangs from this site.


    Nice car looks like mine except your roof is not as soft as mine haha.

    Glad you are enjoying your good looking car.

    Remember keep her out of the Texas sun or your red will turn to pink.

    Rodney from SW Florida

  10. If you old roof has a solid base and just rust pitting you can soda blast the pit areas and then treat with a paintable rust barrier. Sand heavily and use 2 part epoxy primer 2 heavy coats. Sand again and use a light coat of premium filler for finishing. Sand again and coat with epoxy primer. Prep for paint.


    I have used this method and it worked for me. I am sure others will also have good advise.

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