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  1. I have a weird question. My convertible top rear ridge rubber insert seems to be walking toward the passenger side of top (see pics). Can this be corrected easily? Rubber insert is very hard and I am afraid it may be brittle due to age. Any ideas how to correct this problem without damaging anything? Thanks Rodney from SW Florida
  2. Jim great story and a damm nice car. I have one that has 44k miles on it but I am driving it and enjoying it. If you have any pics of your engine bay markings and paper decals that you can share that would be great. Rodney from SW Florida
  3. I did not see how they did it but I think they used an oversized piece of wrap material and used special cutting tape under the wrap material to do the cut on the car. And yes it looks good. Thanks to you it looks good.....
  4. Sent to Brad 3K73 Hope you get good use from the rub and please pass it on to the next guy when you are done. Thanks Rodney from SW Florida
  5. No hood tach it would not look right. Add a steering column mounted tach which would be period correct.
  6. Thanks to everyone especially David for helping with my hood wrap project. The outcome was OK but I asked for a satin black instead of saying match the side stripes and the hood is lighter color than the side stripes but for $225 I cannot complain and it was my mistake. Overall they did a good job thanks to David's hood rub he sent me. I would like to offer his hood rub to anyone on the forum that is going to do the same as I did. If you want it PM me an I will send it to you. Rodney from SW Florida
  7. Welcome fellow vert owner. Rodney from SW Florida
  8. Measure 5 times cut once..........hahaha.
  9. You can pretty much get anything registered here. no safety inspection, no emmissions tests, and everybody likes old cars. There are plenty of homes in the 100k range in my area, the Hartsville/McBee/Bethune region. not far from Columbia, charlotte, the beach or the mountains. Thanks I will start my search in the area you recommend . We are starting to spruce up our house for sale now but we are in no hurry . I have about 15 years of accumulation of stuff to get rid of that I do not want to move. I thank you for the info and if you have any other areas you think would be good to close out please let us know. Looking for a quiet rural area mabe one to two acres. Rodney from S W Florida
  10. If yo paint it treat it like an interior plastic part. Scrub it aggressively with dawn soap and a red scotch right. Then wipe it down with interior with vinyl prep. . Spray it with SEM interior type paint. Thanks Rodney from SW Florida
  11. I am thinking of retiring next year and we are thinking of rural South Carolina. I have lived in North Carolina before and I remember that they are not old car friendly but I need to know are they hard asses about old cars in South Carolina. Also if anyone can help a fellow car guy out be recommending some areas to look for home purchase in the 100K range. Thanks Rodney from SW Florida
  12. ABS has more flex and is more forgiving . Fiberglass is more rigid and will break an crack easily when bumped on curb stops. ABS comes pre finished in black. Both are reparable .
  13. Any mods on your car . Any signs of over carburation? What color is your tail pip tips ? What is your timing set on ? Can you tell when the secondaries open ? Is it a spread ore 4165 ? Thanks Rodney from S W Florida
  14. Thanks I have 3:50 gears I am also thinking of the spread bore Holley.
  15. You will need to run Holley square bore to Motorcraft spread bore adapter. For a budget carb the Summit carbs are hard to beat. If you want something with a little more bling and tune-ability then a Quick Fuel 680VS would be my choice. no bling required just a good punch when you need it.
  16. Guys I have a near stock 351 Q code 1972 mustang with a 4 sp. I took it for a 2 hour ride last Sunday and all systems worked well except carb. I have a 3:50 traction lock and my car is sluggish off the line and my secondary butterfly's are not opening. So my 4v is running on two barrels. I really like mechanical secondaries but the pro carb builders say vacuum is best. I was thinking of the 600 series of the HP Holley line. The car will be just a street car but I would like a quick snap when I lay the right foot all the way down. I guess a crisp snap would be a good way to describe what I am looking for. I want an upgrade from my stock carb, what would you recommend any why ? Thanks Rodney from SW Florida
  17. Just starting to enjoy my 1972 Q code 4 Sp i
  18. New side stripes New specialty wheels New chin spoiler New Dunlop tires
  19. Glad you got it on OK. They are a pain to do, just takes patients and time. Post a picture when you get time. Geoff.
  20. David I received your package today ,thank you so much. Rodney from SW Florida
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