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  1. Well I had a few mess ups doing my side stripes. Hope this helps others. If I could have a do over I would have trimmed the overlay mounting paper to a straight edge to line up with a masking tape stripe to use as a guide. The paper edge was uneven and made it difficult to line up.


    Just rember you need some kind of hard markers to line everything up and that was my fault not doing enough research first to set it up properly.


    If you have a good Gide edge on the tape stripe you can line it up edge to edge.



    Rodney from SW Florida

  2. Ok today I removed the wheel and brake drum and had my wife slowly apply brake pressure.

    It took some time but I was able to find the leak. It is leaking at the hard line connection to the wheel cylinder. I gave it little extra snug tightening but it still leaks. It could be possible that the wheel cylinder has a deep cavity and the line is a shallow cavity line.


    The car had brake problems when I bought it so maybe the hard line is bad.


    Any troubleshooting tips?

  3. I just finished my all drum brake rebuild on my 72 Q code 4 sp.

    I tried bleeding the brakes and I have a healthy leak on my left rear inside the drum.


    I have not pulled it apart yet but I seem to remember reading about if you did not adjust the brake shoes out after install it will make wheel cylinder leak.


    Could that be the case?


    Yes yes all wheel cylinders are new from auto zone (low quality my opinion).

    All hardware is new.


    I will pull it apart tomorrow and look for leak. Just wanted to see if anyone has had this same type of issue ?



    Rodney from SW Florida

  4. Well I have been looking at all of the great convertible mustangs and with all that have registered on this site it looks like a high number has survived.


    My 1972 Q code 4 speed is supposed to be one of 201 but I swear there must be at least 150 on this site alone.


    Has any one done a count? Is it possible that the Marti reports are wrong ?


    Please everyone leave your count on this page then we will know for sure.


    Rodney from SW Florida:thankyouyellow:

  5. Hey everyone I am about ready to tackle the new seat foam install but I do not have good info on the small aux pieces used to protect the vinyl sides. The NPD site shows two small piece kit for 9.95 but they do not show where to install them.


    Any helpful advise on install of burlap, seat foam, frame padding or any other info that will help with this project.



    Rodney from SW Florida


  6. Ok I decided to buy a new set of 15" magnum 500 and trying to decide where to buy. Summit has the best price but I have heard of quality issues. Mousouri Mustang supply has speciality wheels for a couple hundred more. Anyone have hands on experience that can provide feedback. The extra money is ok if the quality difference is obvious.


  7. Hi Rodney - may I ask why 14"? as far as I know only 15" Magnums were ever offered on the 71-73. I do have a set of 14x7 original Ford Magnums for sale but they should really go on an older Mustang I think.


    My car has 14" now they are 1975 sema wheels with the honeycomb design. They are nice wheels but I prefer the Magnum look.

    My tires are almost new and I do not want to purchase a new set of tires and wheels. My budget will allow wheel purchase.

    My marti report says f70x14" I do have drum brakes all around.

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