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  1. Hey guys, there are new pictures of the car. have a nice day and greetings from germany, we love your cars :-) ! http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-new-pictures-of-the-grande-white-vinyl-bright-blue
  2. Hey guys, i really want to say thank you for all that amazing help everytime and for the good information the forum offers. I moved and the car moved with me :-) :
  3. Thanks a lot, i will try to start the next weeks but at the moment we have -11 degree celcius :-). My garage is to little to work around there... Friends that visited the US brought me this clips : I hope they will fit... At least i think if there is any reason for stay with my old vinyl top. Because it would be sad if i put it off and can't finish the job because of missing clips or bolts. at least some new pictures http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-new-pictures-of-the-grande-white-vinyl-bright-blue Greetings Dan
  4. Hey guys, is it possible to get the vinylroof aluminium trims from the car without damage them? I want to replace it... somebody told me i have to put the headliner away to get to the right screws that are holding the clips. You know its winter here, an the best time to get things ready for spring. Hope you all havin a good year ! greetings dan
  5. Good evening Guys... Paintjob is done and the car only will get his finish to maximum gloss next week. Hope you like it... and see you soon with more pics :) !
  6. Have to bring back this cool topic, but i think it was the better way instead of open a new one. Does somebody know if this wheels will fit on my grande ? 7X14 Allied Wheel Components Series 65 Super Spoke http://www.northridgeautomotive.com/bridgestone/allied-wheel-components-series-65-chrome-super-spoke-wheels-detail.htm?productid=7237191 Part #: 6547005 WHEEL DIAMETER: 14 in. COLOR: Chrome FINISH: Chrome BOLT PATTERN: 5x114.3 mm OFFSET: 12 mm May you guys could help me. Greetings from Germany
  7. Thanks for your replies ! It's awesome to meet people with the same passion about cars. I don't know if i am right but reading and writing on this forum is really different compared to the usual forums. I mean when you are a bloody mechanic newb like me that is learning step by step and day by day you normaly get anwers like : "ARE YOU SERIOUS ?" Smiles like that :shootself: :-/ :huh: :chin: For me the first step of learning something new about muscle cars was buying one. Now i am learner ! So really thanks to all that people creating that cool and friendly vibe ! (sorry for dump questions anyway) I thought they will probably be easy with the cragar ss because they are steeled wheels not aluminium. For aluminium wheels you can't get the documents for driving or get them registered. But at the moment i would buy any steeled wheels, because my hubcaps are really bad. You had the cragar quick trick ? They look nice (not as god as ss or magnum) and are way cheaper. And after reading your restoration thread i feel like a little kitty learning to walk rofl.
  8. Hey guys, the little pony is still with the painter and i have to screw all the parts together like headlights, grill, rear lights... hope i remember the screws :-). Do you know if the tire will fit in the rear with 15 60 255 without any issues? I am so exited to see the car in its original color bright blue. Enjoy the weekend guys !
  9. Hi guys, sitting in south africa with delay and then there was a very important question in my mind. Would this tire wheel combination fit ? Cragar SS 15x7 front with 225 Cragar SS 15x8 rear with 255 Without backspacing and possible issues ? I am sometimes not into the inch measurement as a european :-) besides uk. Thx a lot and greetings from the south again ;-)
  10. Thank you all for the replies. It was so nice to rad all of them from all over the world. My car needed to be rust free for the german car registration, so on many points there is a lot of ugly anti rust paint after repairing those pieces. I decided to go for the original paint code. I hope it looks cool... its bright blue. The vinylroof needs to be fixed the next years, i am scared of it, but at first i want to drive my car a lot. The last season was more an fix it season. I am so exited to see my car in its original color. 3-4 weeks it will take for the painting. Greetings
  11. Hello guys, i am so happy to find a forum like that. I am Daniel, a physiotherapist from south germany. I kinda repair some old peoples bodies and i enjoy it, but the best thing of having a mustang is : " They don't talk..." I enjoy getting into the technique of that car and lerne every day a little more. I'am so sorry for my bad englisch but i try my best. My Mustang is a 1972 Grande Coupe with an 351 C, and i enjoy the sound everytime i get it started. Interior is blue with vinyl, it has an white viniy rooftop and a bad bright color paint that i try to renew into the original color (bright blue metallic) I will show you the results after painting it. thanks for your support already ! greetings Daniel
  12. My grande came with some rusty brunette hair :) !
  13. Hi, greetings from Germany. I got an 1972 Ford Mustang Grande. These Cars are pretty rar over here, but i enjoy every minute sitting and driving my car. My car is ready for the painting in the originial color bright blue, but i want do renew the rear window. I sometimes don't understand all words in a correct way :) ! But may you can help me... This Foam Tape is only needed when you driving a fastback version ? Thanks for your answer and support, i only used the german forum of mustang inside community and i love to join the original american homebase ! Thx for this awesome forum !
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