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  1. Thanks guys for the warm welcome. I will be picking up my new shiny toy this coming Saturday .

    I will post more info and pictures on this rare Q code convertible . Happy days are very close.

    Rodney in SW Florida


    You going to make it to the MCA National event in St Augustine next month? I'll be bringing my 73 Q vert to the event



  2. CCW is handy that it really is concealed but if you're not having the permission for ccw then you're screwed once get caught. I received the Barak BR99 shotgun recently and fell in love. Turkish shotgut and sweet and nice quality compared to russian magazine fed saiga 12k shotgun. Barak is basically the same frame where the Firebird precisioun 2 grand semiautos are based on. Here are few pics with the original front & rear sight and an another with red dot. Magazines takes 12 rounds with the extensions installed. Compensator is Finnish desing, which I've not tested yet. Without the compensator the recoil is severe IMO, anything above 28gr shot makes the shooting not so pleasent. Compesantor is told to make night'n'day diffrence.


    BR99 with original sights



    with red dot and piccatinny riser installed



    Nice shotty, I put a phantom type muzzle break on my Saiga 12 and it helped a little bit, but mostly helped with muzzle flash.


    I sold my Saiga because it was just too heavy and picked up the VEPR 12 and a SLR41, really love them both and the SLR41 is a blast to shoot .410 slugs out of it.









  3. dhfawcett thats a nice collection there. Now is there a black Galil also in the center? You should pursue a Finnish M92s, its the last (unfortunately) assault rifle desing from our military.


    I mentioned the ruger & barak in the earlier message. There are few cannons worth of mentioning in my gunsafe. Switzerland made numbers matching Stg58 "fal" one of my favorites with military Hensoldt Fero z24 scope. There's a CZ858 (vz58) looks like AK but more slender, it's with reddot and FAB quad rail. 590 Mossberg w ghost rings 12g, H&K USP 9 mm. Few more shotguns and rifles in different caliber.


    Unfortunately or luckily we don't have the CCW possibility for normal citizen. But the times are changing, EU is fixing the gun laws not sure in to what direction but hopefully in to right direction. The mass immigration is making me feel to carry concealed piece just in case. Until that - happy shooting guys!!!


    Thank you,

    I also love my stg58 and vz, just picked up a MP5K that I can wait to get to the range.


    I have a couple friends in Europe that are getting, or at least trying to get their CCW for that exact reason.



  4. Nice! Just picked up our '72 H code Sportroof - Gold Glow. We will be there at St. Augustine. Prob display only at this point. Will also have the '04 Roush there too. In Orlando so just a 2 hour drive guess we will drive but toying with the idea of trailering.


    We are staying at the Southern Oaks across street from host hotel.






    Ken, didn't realize you were in Orlando. My sister is in Kissimmee and I visit her often, so I'm sure I'll drop in on events in the area









  5. Hi David,

    I have traveled a good part of the world and also love Africa, even went to school in Johannesburg as a young buck and have traveled to several other countries in Africa besides South Africa. Done the sky diving thing as a member of Army Airbourne, so had to use MC1-1B all but one time. But would love to do some rec skydiving someday. Love the outdoors and have spent the last 10 years in Alaska, 9 of them in Barrow. Still in Nome, till I get back to Florida next month. My passions are fishing, hunting, photography and some call me a gun nut. Personally I just think I'm an avid collector. LOL Not looking to head back to Africa anytime soon, since I have found a real joy in the Yucatan. Diving is amazing, the parting can't be beat and the prices are low.


    Well if you ever make it down my way after next month, or are here for Iditarod, look me up.



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