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  1. I would have a qualified mechanic do the instalation, :D So I would also need this? http://www.cjponyparts.com/ford-racing-differential-trac-lok-limited-slip-28-spline-9/p/RPM3K/ Is there there another route to go, or is this the best way for me to get Traction lok on my vert? Thanks for your help David
  2. Wonder what it would cost to convert to traction lock these days? I posted over at http://www.7173mustangs.com/forum-engine-drivetrain-and-performance to find out about the conversion to traction lok, I would really be interested in having it.
  3. I hope I'm not duplicating this thread. Saw a couple close thread, but none exactly asking the same question. So I guess I ask. :D I have a 1973 9 code 3.25:1 which is open, and I was wondering if it would simply be a switch to a Ford Racing Differential Trac-Lok Limited Slip 28-Spline 9" unit to add traction lok? And if it is just the instalation of this part http://www.cjponyparts.com/ford-racing-differential-trac-lok-limited-slip-28-spline-9/p/M4204F28A/ what else is needed to be done? Or is there a better way to do this? Thanks David
  4. Yes, I am running the 3.25:1 rear axel (9 code) which had traction lock, also competition suspension. Rear Axle 2 or K* 2.75:1 3 2.79:1 6 or O* 3.00:1 7 3.40:1 9 or R* 3.25:1 A or S* 3.50:1 G 3.55:1 V* 3.91:1 * w/Traction Lock Beautiful car! I would love to have a convertible, especially a Q code car. Nice find! As David mentioned above, axle code 9 is for a conventional 3.25 ratio (open). Traction Lok units would have code R for the axle code. Not sure why they would not pair a Traction Lok unit with the Q code but it was an extra cost option ($42.64) in '73 Guess I read that incorrect, bummer, but still love it. :D David
  5. It does look strange, since it doesn't line up at all, but it is correct. Had to check my pics. LOL David
  6. David Me in Alaska, where I have been the past 10 years working, returning to Florida in March. Miss the warmth LOL :D [/u]
  7. 73 triple white vert, 351-4 (Q code), C6, 3.25, competition suspension and decor package
  8. Thanks for the kind words, and yes I have to keep her original as posible. But I also love the black accent stripes, spoilers and NASA hoods, maybe my next mustang. ::thumb::
  9. Thanks, it makes me smile :D:D:D David
  10. Yeppers, only 9305 on her. I found a beauty. :D
  11. Neat to see one in GB, but I agree the FORD is just a shame. Let's hope he doesn't have one of those giant "MUSTANG" windshield decals. ???
  12. I'll most definitely be at the Ancient City National in St Augustine, FL http://www.jmcmustang.net/ Hope to see some members there.
  13. Guess I need to sound off here also with my vert, so here she is. 73 triple white, 351-4V, C6, 3.25:1, comp. suspension and decor package. David
  14. All original besides aftermarket cassette deck
  15. Corrected, you were right, bummer. But still love her Rear Axle 2 or K* 2.75:1 3 2.79:1 6 or O* 3.00:1 7 3.40:1 9 or R* 3.25:1 A or S* 3.50:1 G 3.55:1 V* 3.91:1 * w/Traction Lock
  16. 100% original, only thing on her that isn't would be the aftermarket cassette deck. I'm working on getting the correct Philco am/fm radio, but can't find one in good enough condition, that will match interior condition.
  17. Welcome, My first Mustang was a 71 Grande, but now have a 73 vert
  18. Welcome I also have a 73 vert.
  19. Just a quick hi and pics of my 73 Q code vert. If anyone is going to be at the St. Augustine, FL event, I hope to meet you. ?
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