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  1. I have an extra pr of 73 parking grill lights for sale $80.00 good condition. I will add photos later.
  2. I just purchased an original gas cap off Ebay and it doesn't fit. I have a 73 vert with honeycomb panel.
  3. I was going to Clay my car then a known local detailer started telling me about this product called CS2 Titanium. The way he explained was amazing. http://www.cs2singapore.com/titanium.html
  4. Wasp automotive in Oakhills CA. He is working on a few high end restorations right now. I'm surprised how many people will spend a 100,000+/- for a restoration. But he does really good work. No orange peals & alignment is perfect. I work 11pm-7am and I took a few Co-workers on a joy ride burning rubber on empty downtown streets. Love the look on their faces when I hit a corner and slide as if we were being chased by the police.
  5. Just found my knocking it was the exhaust system poorly designed.
  6. Beasty Boys Brass Monkey. George Clinton Parliament Albums
  7. Happy that I could help, the paint looks really deep and is amazing.
  8. Buy a poor conditioned headlight bezel and have it rechromed.
  9. I love the music. Maybe to much for some I'll take a photo of the led's in the trunk sub enclosure tomorrow This is the color.
  10. Thanks everyone for your compliments. I couldn't have gotten this far without the help from a very good restoration guy who specializes in mustangs, Ozzie at WASP automotive. The custom stereo system was done by Tim shop owner at Audiostists in Victorville CA. Tim is one of the best Fabricators in the west coast & is a regular for SEMA Las Vegas builds for major companies, He does lots of work for Rockford Fosgate & CT sounds. When I wanted to give up on this restoration you guys motivated me to keep going. Frank I purchased the door projectors from an ebay company, happy that it still looks classy. The drive home was very stressful because I wasn't familiar to the car with the car. After about 75 miles & 10 thumbs up I started to relax. I even dropped the top on the freeway in bumper to bumper Los Angeles traffic. I made it all the way home without any problems but when I turned on my street the car started smoking really bad. When I popped the hood I noticed power steering fluid spray on the headers from the steering box. Couldn't tell if it was a hose or the box. Took it to the shop today & they said that it was the hose & they would have it sent out to this local hose repair shop. The estimate was $300. I felt that it was a little high but I want it done so I can pull up to my job in style & my coworkers can see the car I've been working so much overtime for. Frank
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