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  1. I spoke with Gary again and here's what the PCB layout will look like. See the attached PDF file Per Gary, "I have 12 white LEDs for the reverse lights. Intermixed there are 9 amber on a separate circuit. This way, someone can use the reverse light lens as an amber turn light. May be useful in Europe and Australia." They'll cost $295 a set Anyone ready to sign up for a set? I'm in for 1 right now myself. Curtis PCB 3D Print.PDF
  2. Thanks for the reply David. I never said my lights were dim. I want and will have LED lights on my cars and I know others want the same. I'm also looking into reconfiguring my tail lights to 3 full red segments so they can be different and fully sequential instead of a reverse light in the middle. Curtis
  3. Hi, I'm in talks with Gary from VintageLEDS.com over on vintage-mustang.com about LED tail light setup for our cars. Here's the discussion: https://www.vintage-mustang.com/threads/vintage-leds-product-expansions.1182195/ He asked me to ask you all about who'd be interested in a setup for our cars and how it needs to be installed. Are you more interested in just plug and play insertion into the current tail light housing with no modifications? He said these would be more expensive b/c have to split it into 3 boards vs 1 to go into the 3 segments. I asked about removing the 2
  4. Interested in the msd pickup coil. What's your price on it?
  5. That's not a 71-73 tail light panel. Looks to be for a '70 if I remember correctly.
  6. Please send pictures to cdesaulos at g mail dot com. Interested in it.
  7. Aw, crud. I didnt realize they're pickup only. My brain went right past that . Oh well. They can go via greyhound reasonable if I could convince you to wrap them up somehow and I pay for it. Ot maybe drop off at a ups store where they wrap and ship.
  8. How much for the black, right side seat back panel? Curtis Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  9. I'm interested if David passes on it. Sent from my hammer and chisel using Tapatalk
  10. David, Send you a pm. I need 2 please. Thanks, Curtis Sent from my hammer and chisel using Tapatalk

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