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  1. Lance, Can you send me pictures? and what you want for them? I'm in College Station area. Curtis c d e s a u l o s at gmail dot com remove spaces for email above
  2. All 4 windows in my car are power and I've seen other Mustangs with power having the same, all 4 roll down powered. I've never seen the configuration you speak of and I've been in this hobby 39 years.
  3. My '73 Q code Mach has power windows and the rear ones roll down. Great to have when the weather is nice and just cruising in the car enjoying the exhaust sounds.
  4. I wouldn't use that por crap on my worst enemy's car. Do it right or not at all.
  5. Appears to be ok, some edge rust, possible some in the trunk edge, but looks better than my current one. Definitely needing it.
  6. Ok, thanks. That's the weirdest part rusted on this car. The cowl is also rusted but that's from pine needles that weren't removed. I've been searching for this panel for a while.
  7. I need the rear panel in front of the trunk lid, between the convertible top opening and the trunk. It connects between the 2 quarter panels. Mine is rusted thru in a couple of places for some odd reason.
  8. What engine is it from? 302? 351? Does it have the carb tag?
  9. I'd like it. Checking on shipping options now.
  10. Ok, looks like maybe a Pioneer brand aftermarket unit. What are you wanting $ wise for it?
  11. Ok, thanks. Is it a thin one or thick? Hard to tell from overhead picture
  12. Whats the pn# on the harmonic balancer? Is it for a HO/CJ?
  13. Hi Barry, How's the panel behind the convertible well, in front of the trunk lid? Mine is rusted thru and I need one. Curtis
  14. It'd really help if you identify the years applicable for the parts and your asking prices. For example, the tilt column have different ignition switches. Also the headlight buckets are different on 71-72 and 73's
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