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  1. We have a '73 351CJ Mach 1 "Q" code car. Power windows, C-6 trans, 3.25 locking 9" rear differential, Deluxe interior, Seat back releases and Seat Belt warning light/buzzer, Remote right side sport mirror, Tilt Wheel, am/fm radio (pretty standard), full length console, 14" Slotted aluminum wheels with caps, front and rear spoilers. The "Q" code cars had staggered rear shock absorbers, rear factory sway bar. This car was pretty optioned out. Also have a '73 convertible with 351C 2V, power top, Yellow/White deluxe interior
  2. I just changed all mine out. Found a local dirt track speed shop that had all the stainless flex and fittings to change out the factory single crimp rubber lines to stainless flex. all components ran me right at $100. I even took the rear brass distribution block, cut the rubber line off, drilled and threaded the block for 3/8"-24 thread incoming fitting and fitted it with stainless flex lines. looks factory!
  3. The Grande is the coupe body, that's why the glass is different. Typically, most folks want the Mach 1, first, then a plain sportsroof, then convertible, then grande or coupe. Kind of a toss up on the last 2 since the body is the same, the grande just had more "dress" on it. typically the deluxe interior and a vinyl roof, chrome wheel well trim and several other pieces of trim, typically called an "appearance" package. A Marti report is the key to actual production numbers and "rarity" of a particular build, as noted above about red Mach 1's with power windows. I have a yellow Mach 1, 351 Cobra Jet, C6 loaded out with power windows. I haven't seen another like it. I also have a '73 Mach 1 with the 351 cleveland 2 barrel carb, c6 and it's pretty bare otherwise, but the Vin indicates it is a Mach 1. Things were varied during the production of these cars, that's for sure.
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    Hi, Saw your post over on VMF. I have 3 - 1973 Mustangs. First is a 1973 Q code Mach 1 with 351CJ and a C6 trans. Second is a 1973 H code Mach I with 351C-2V and C6, the Third is a 1973 Convertible H code with 351C-2V and C6. They are all at various levels right now, I have a lot of irons in the fire. The Q code is awaiting a total restoration as I have all new panels for the car (bought them from Ford years ago). The other Mach 1 is waiting in the wings for disassemble, replace trunk floor, bead blast and reassemble. The convertible is a barn find we got 2 years ago and we are going to replace brake lines, seals, all fluids, spruce it up and drive it hopefully starting on it this fall / winter. Always willing to share info as I've been in the Mustang camp a long time (25 + years) and while I don't know it all (nobody does) there's a lot about them I do know and don't mind sharing. Joining in from Houston, Tx. Curtis
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