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  1. $125 for set of 5, 4 centers, one center is missing center plastic Definitely interested in the rims. Are any screws broken off in the rims for the center caps? How do the other 4 look? Sent from my SM-N900W8 using Tapatalk
  2. Any pics of the aluminum rims? How much are you wanting for them? Sent from my SM-N900W8 using Tapatalk
  3. The 2 bbl and 4 bbl air cleaner mounting flange (top of the carburetor) opening are the same. That is a 302 specific air cleaner housing. The 351C was larger and the top flatter as I recall (I haven't seen mine in a while, going from memory) The radio shown is AM only, they also had am/fm optional. There are some conversion companies that can rework the internals of the radio, making it am/fm and aux. input. the FM is indicated by an led placed in the display. This makes the external appearance of the radio to be stock, but have more modern conveniences. Hth, Curtis
  4. Why is the dash cluster lens so foggy ? Surely they could have paid attention to some of the finer details for that price. I sense someone over paid at auction and is now experiencing buyers remorse and trying to recoup their money.
  5. What's your base timing? Timing with full mechanical advance? Timing with full vacuum advance? What it your vacuum reading when trying to hold that speed ? What RPM are you seeing at that speed ? Could be mechanical springs too light and then vacuum low at that speed. Also what vacuum source are you feeding the vacuum advance from? Ported vacuum or manifold vacuum ?
  6. If you have the inclination and some time, I'd say get them and part them out, offer up parts to the members here to help fund your car build. That way it honors his dad's memory and they don't get scrapped. Sent from my SM-N900W8 using Tapatalk
  7. Incorrect. The 351C is the same small block bellhousing pattern as the 302 & 351W You might be referring to the 351/400 modified series engine that has the bellhousing of the 429/460 engines, commonly referred to as the 385 series blocks. Of course there was 1 exception to this in 1974, some 400 blocks were dual bolt pattern with the small block pattern and the 385 series pattern. Nice thing about the Ford is of the V8 starters all of the auto trans versions will interchange as long as they are 2 bolt. You'll like the mini starter. Run the heavy battery cable to the positive side of the solenoid on the fender apron and connect the onboard starter solenoid wire to the fender apron solenoid switched side and you'll be good to go.
  8. Can someone point out where the "restoration" is? Un-tastefully done in my book. Oh, the horror! Sent from my SM-N900W8 using Tapatalk
  9. Under the single center contact is an insulating fiber washer, underneath that is a coiled spring inside the socket. This keeps the contact tight against the bottom contact of the bulb and holds the bulb locked in place. I've seen the springs rust and fail. I haven't looked for a replacement but I'm sure you could find one in a new fixture perhaps at a truck stop or any place that carries automotive lights like a trailer place also.
  10. He said we could 3D print to create a positive for a mold if needed, then use a 2 part mix plastic of the correct type to reproduce them. Will take some research for the correct plastic. I believe the originals were injection molded Sent from my SM-N900W8 using Tapatalk
  11. I'm trying to understand why you had to grind the rivets out ? I've always pulled the glass with the bracket attached.
  12. I'd bet they could be 3D printed. My son in college is heavy into 3D printing, I'll ask him about the feasibility of doing these.
  13. What hubs and caliper brackets are required to put these on our 71-73 cars ?
  14. paint work looks nice, but in the ad he says the cowl needs work. Depending on how bad it is, could be an entire cowl replacement, pull fenders and windshield to complete. I agree, price is a bit steep still needing the work listed, but negotiable.
  15. As long as you don't have a tilt steering wheel, that one is fine. They're different on the column shaft splines for the tilt column.
  16. Knock the studs out first, they have a shoulder that helps support the drum and keep it attached to the hub, then the hub should come out fairly easily. Easiest if you have a hydraulic or arbor press.
  17. The seats are the same whether fold down seat or not. Sent from my SM-N900W8 using Tapatalk
  18. You didn't notice anything wrong on gauges or lights ? What does that tube go to ? It's not original. Looks like it was weakened by the bends or not rated for the pressure it was being used for.
  19. Reach out to Midlife here on the site. He restores the harnesses and will be one of the best sources for this. Sent from my SM-N900W8 using Tapatalk
  20. Checking the oil dipstick for oil, any moisture and any rust on the dipstick to indicate moisture level inside the engine. Pull a valve cover and inspect. If yuo can hook up a battery and bring a compression tester, perhaps a compression test would let you know current condition. Be sure to block the carb open and crank over at least 5 revolutions per cylinder.
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