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  1. Thxs, I hate to sell it, but I'm not rich and I already still have the Shelby so I cant make a big payment and restore 2 cars. I hope it sells, people don't seem to have money for toys.
  2. Bought a 65 Coupe (seen in background) Gotta sell the 72. This is a great car, it needs paint, and some seats stitched, its mechanically awesome. I didn't do interior because I was waiting for paint. This could be a daily driver as it is mechanically excellent. This was going to be my baby but I came across a rock solid one owner 65 coupe with a great running 289. If you are looking for a car like this, you'll be hard pressed to find one that is smoother running and riding than this one is. I wish I could keep both but my quest for a 69-70 Mach 1 or Fastback is what drives me :) Message me if you are interested. Im firm on my price, I think its a fair price for a great car, you wont find one cleaner or tighter or more original. Heading to eBay tomorrow, so get it if your interested. Complete ad here on Craigslist http://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/cto/4344648150.html Here is a video of the car on Youtube.
  3. I'm keeping it original for the most part, probably just taking off the vinyl top. If the top is the reason it has more value its easy to put back on. The one on it now isn't original anyway just a pretty good job. I just want more of the Sport Coupe look. The vinyl top I think makes it look odd. IMHO
  4. Love your hood scoop, what is that from? Also I checked out the video on your car, sweet!! so your running 18x9 on the front and they don't rub? I also love the 10's on the rear, do they hang over the fender wells?
  5. I'm going to change the grill and the sport lamps, everything else is going to stay the same. Ill be ordering from Don at Ohio Mustangs since he carries the Daniel Carpenter grill. I assumed I could tap into the lower turn signals for the sport lamps. I just didn't know if there is anything I'm not thinking about with changing this stuff out, just wanted to be sure its a remove grill, add Mach 1 Grill, attach sport lamps wiring and its done. While I have a few of your attention do any of you have a 71-73 Coupe with 17x8 wheels on your coupe, or 17x9.5 in the rear?
  6. I have the 72 Grande and I wanted to change all the front grill stuff to the 72 Mach 1 look with the yellow sport lamps etc... Can someone give me an idea what this entails and is it a pretty simple conversion?
  7. THANKS Doug! Anyone else got a suggestion? I'm hoping I can just buy a replacement that's already modified or maybe some after market product.
  8. Im going to be replacing my 42 year old steering box in my 72. Anyone have any suggestions of an upgrade I can do here? Basically driving the 72 feels like I'm steering a 10000 foot yacht. Meaning it is slow and it seems it takes 2 rotations to accomplish one rotation. Its probably an exaggeration but I think you get the idea. I'm looking for a higher ratio or faster turning steering box. Can anyone give me some recommendations on a steering box, better or worse brands, and who I might buy one from?
  9. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Ford-Mustang-Standard-1971-71-Mustang-Spring-Special-Sport-Coupe-Survivor-2nd-Owner-Original-/380721689494?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item58a4c7f396#v4-37
  10. Man the car looks so much better in that first photo compared to the ones hes using to sell the car.
  11. So hes a friend of yours? Can you put me in touch with him? IS THIS THE SAME CAR??
  12. I'm going to do mine similar to this one but in Solar Gold with high gloss clear with the black hockey stripes. I'm trying to find out what size wheels and tires he has and what if anything he did to the suspension for the stance. So far Ive done the following to my 72 coupe. NEW HOLLEY 2300 CARB NEW DUAL EXHAUST WITH 50 SERIES FLOWMASTERS & CHROME TIPS NEW REAR VALANCE WITH EXHAUST CUT OUTS - OHIO MUSTANG NEW 3 CORE RADIATOR & ALL NEW HOSES NEW POWER STEERING PUMP & HOSES NEW WATER PUMP NEW AC COMPRESSOR NEW ALTERNATOR NEW PERTRONIX DISTRIBUTOR & FLAME THROWER II 45,000 VOLT COIL NEW PLUGS AND WIRES NEW VOLTAGE REGULATOR NEW GAS TANK & SENDING UNIT - Scott Drake NEW HEADLIGHT SWITCH - Scott Drake NEW TURN SIGNAL SWITCH - Scott Drake NEW VENTED GAS CAP - Scott Drake NEW COMPLETE FRONT SUSPENSION NEW BRAKES COMPLETE FRONT AND REAR
  13. Im hunting this car, does anyone know this car or is he a member of this site? Im wanting to know the specs of this car!
  14. I was going to add these until I saw that you need to separate the lens from the housing, to me that's asking for issues on a really old plastic part. I also don't like that it doesn't light up the center one, as mentioned it messes up the flow. Ford Mustang Taillights - How To Install '71-'73 Sequential Taillights Read more: http://www.mustangmonthly.com/howto/mump_0701_ford_mustang_taillights/#ixzz2dkktf1ay Thought Id update this posting since I found it originally doing a Google search.
  15. I'm trying to find out the difference between the 1969-1970 Shelby GT500 wheels and the Magnum 500 wheels? Is there any difference in these wheels? I see only slight difference in the photos, but I want to know if anyone knows for sure?? Will the 69-70 Shelby wheels fit the 71-73 Mustangs? 69-70 Shelby Wheels Magnum 500 Wheels
  16. Well here's one piece of many Ive added lately! The coupes going in for 50 series Flowmasters tomorrow and getting true dual exhaust instead of a single pipe. I know the 50 series aren't really loud, but they will sound a ton better than what it has now. I also didn't want it insanely loud, this is a cruiser for me not a racer. I'm hoping the 2300 Holley helps with a rough idle and surging!
  17. Carb is on my short list probably going with a Holley 2300 500 CFM Opinions? My mechanic is old school and he really thinks this is a great carb for the 351 Cleveland. Ive been told by others to go with a Carter AFB.. So confusing!! :huh: Nope not doing the intake and 4bbl. This coupe is not a race car. I have a Shelby for that :P
  18. Im also having the same issue with heating up and it makes me nervous. Tonight I drove about 20 miles on the Highway at a steady 70mph, Id say temps were still in the 100's. Ive replaced the radiator, water pump, all hoses, and running a 180 t-stat obviously all new coolant. Anyone else find a solution to this? My next step is to add a different temp gauge to see if the original one is weak. However it did piss all over the ground when I got home. Im going to look it all over in the morning. Its pretty discouraging I gotta tell you, spending a lot of money and having this BS issue. On a side note the heater core is bypassed for the time, until I can spend the many hours fixing it, was waiting until the weather breaks in Phoenix hell. This shouldn't create any issue should it?? Took some photos to show the gauge and the piss.
  19. Would like to know peoples experiences with regard to the Mach 1 type rear valance with cut outs. Are there any out there made from Ford Tooling? What have your experiences been from the ones you received? Do they fit perfectly or was modification required? I'm going to change mine on the coupe to the Mach 1 valance but am hoping to get a high quality one the first time. Thanks guys for your help!
  20. The coupe with the 351 Cleveland I just picked up, when its idling it idles rough and raises the RPM off and on but sort of in a pattern, when I'm driving it seems like it surges between 40-45. Seems to have plenty of power otherwise, and runs smooth except in these situations mentioned above. Today we replaced ALL the vacuum lines/hoses, points, cap and rotor, removed carb and made sure the carb isn't leaking air or gas checked the flatness of the carb base:, carb seems fine, except its a 2BBL. :) Replaced the voltage regulator, starter solenoid and fuel filter all with Motorcraft parts. Not anything changed the issues mentioned. above. Wednesday we are going to replace all the plugs and wires. We pulled a few of the spark plugs just to test there condition, the 3 we pulled were clean and gaped correctly. Does anyone have a suggestion here or have you experienced this issue? What did you find fixed this or what suggestions might you guys have? Were a little confused here. :huh:
  21. Im really digging my 72 Grande, I wish it was a Mach 1 but its just such a nice car and so complete I just hate to sell it. Finding 71-73 Mustangs in such original condition is becoming really tough nowadays. But the coupe really needs some Mach 1 influence. So the Mach 1 grill and sport lights and urethane bumper are they a direct bolt on replacement on the coupe, also will the Mach 1 rear valance with exhaust cutout bolt straight up? If none of this is possible does anyone know whats needed? Dont worry purists I would keep all the original parts. Im also going to retain the Grande vinyl roof, Im just changing white top to black. I know a ton about Mach 1's but Im a newbie to the coupes. Help please! :) Im wanting mine to look like this one below except with a black top. It might be black just doesnt look black to me.
  22. Id like to see them on the car, also did they come with any center caps?
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