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  1. Thank you for all the advice!! I am going to rebuild the carb. Seems like that is the consensus from every one.
  2. Hey guys thanks for the responses. Once I get it stared and warmed up, it idles good and smooth. I thought it might be a fuel problem too. It looks like the fuel pup is newer. The fuel tank was changed before I bought it.
  3. Thank you for the warm welcome!!! PICs coming soon!!
  4. Hey everyone!! I am having issues with starting. engine is 302 with 2100 carb. will only start with starting fluid. Once engine is going it will stall when you press down on accelerator. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!! Regards, Lance
  5. Hey Everyone!! I am a proud owner of a 73 Grande. It is metallic green and has the ultra rare avocado interior. Is there anyone who can help me find avocado carpet, headliner, and upholstery? Regards, Lance
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