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  1. Yes im selling the Mach 1! shes in great shape and has a lot of up dating, ie, complete new interior, digital dash (original will go to buyer) AOD transmission, 3.70 gear, hardened seats, upgraded suspension, and many others. she has 66645 original miles, can email more pictures if interested. asking $20000 but will consider reasonable offers. she runs great. 351c and it is a a Mach 1 as stated in vin code. if interested call at 817-888-4164 or email me toastintx@live.com
  2. Mike, can you get me part numbers and where you bought them i cant find them anywhere. like to have rear ones also! thanks Johnny
  3. has anyone swapped the front shock mounts from a 73 to a 70. more options with 70 year model shocks. would like Koni or Bilstein but cant find any for 73
  4. anyone have Led headlights? if so what brand, how much, and is it worth it. thanks johnny
  5. thanks mustang7173 that helps a lot, looks great!
  6. Hey guys thinking about putting Fog lights on my 73. anyone ever modify any to fit our grill? just curious what it would look like?
  7. hey guys does anyone have a 73 fastback with fold down seats and rear package tray? do these package trays exist and where can i get one???? thanks Johnny
  8. TMI new foam, kinda hard to stretch but leave it out in the sun before you star
  9. Can anyone give me the measurements for the 1973 mach 1 fender emblems location. the original holes were filled thanks Johnny

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