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  1. I put a set of Headerman ones on my Stang , they went in super easy (Left side just needed the engine lifted slightly to pass the PS , but once its in they solid. They also a fair amount cheaper then the others but I would get the coated ones. Got them from Summit.
  2. HI Guys , so the backfire issue has been sorted , next up the tranny . Before I put the tranny in the car I bought a new clutch setup (C4) and new torque convertor. The Tranny also had a new filter and stuff fitted. This is the kit Raybestos Red Performance Transmission Rebuild , has new band , bushes and bearings and what not. Fitted it in the car and I think when I put the TC in I damaged the front seal because when started it was leaking out the front. Sent to get that sorted. The new problem is the following. 1. Start in Park and she is fine , wheels are still.
  3. Wooo Hoo , Kinda almost nearly there. Took the distributor to a company to test it , checked out and it tested fine, the coil they said was a cheap unit and I should look at a better unit. So got me a Bosch electronic unit for cheaper then an MSD one and went back to specialist. Popped the distro back in, timing mark at TDC, new coil wired in and crank away...first few times she did not take. Something told me to shut the choke on it and first turn she started. We had a few jump forwards as she was in Neutral and it sounded like it was in gear. Revved and she would lurch. not actually dri
  4. Excellent , I think I should just bite the bullet and do the Duraspark unit and be done with this back and forth
  5. looked at the DuraSpark units they are also the big base type , with the long oval air cleaner I dont think it will clear. Still investigating . But we getting there .
  6. So some updates,. Went out there today with a complete box of tools and bits. 1. Plug lead number 1 had a high ohmage reading compared to the others. they were all within spec except number 1 which was reading about 5 -6 times higher, they changed this one lead and have no idea where the old one is. Found a usable lead in a box within the same spec as the ones used elsewhere. Problem 1 2. Checked the TDC with screwdriver and the marks on the crank pulley are spot on , which means TDC on engine and TDC on damper are in line with each other 3. Checked the coi
  7. hey Stanglover , support is what I needed and you guys have provided it. I dont have the original Disto that would be first prize. Being out in South Africa also means anything costs double what it would in the US once shipping is plugged in. I have taken the day off work to go fiddle with it , I am no pro, but I understand the basics. Pretty sure I will find the issue. Thanks
  8. Thanks everyone for the replies, I have a GMstyle HEI laying about as well which i purchased before going the route of ready to run but it was too big for my airfilter to fit over. I am going to take some time and see whats going on . all replies will be checked and replied to .
  9. No , the rotor appears to be fine. I will take pics of this as well
  10. Here is a stupid question , what is the possibility the distro is damaged because they connected the wires to the coil incorrectly ? Would this also cause the cap to burn out and the distro to be damaged?
  11. here is the Video before they pulled the Dizzy out WhatsApp Video 2020-08-25 at 19.27.59.mp4
  12. I built the car complete and had a gearbox leak , this was my first "american muscle car" build , I usually do Jap cars and Euro cars so wanted someone to cast an eye over it . When we started the motor in December she was running great , the only issue was the leak from the gearbox front seal. Since I dont have a lift and was not in the mood to pull the box again (did it 3 times) i sent it to them to assist with that and some other small bits. They changed my cap from a female to male , changed the boots on my new plug leads to accommodate and now I have the backfire. Its such a pain in
  13. HI Tony , this is the electronic ready to run distributor set up , no points or condenser. I have added the link below from the ebay purchase. The story was they were not seeing any oil pressure (bullshit as the light went off) , so they dropped the sump to confirm the oil pickup was connected, then removed the Dizzy to drive the pump to build up pressure. https://www.ebay.com/itm/FORD-351C-400-429-460-BLACK-Female-Small-HEI-Distributor-45K-Coil-PLUG-WIRES/190989360791?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144 I am going to head out there again on Thursday and redo the timing
  14. Hello Mustang Family , I need some advice or assistance. I have a 73 Mustang with 351C 2V motor , the motor has just gone through a complete rebuild with new balancer and inside bits. I used a ebay ready to run distributor and set the static timing , we started the car in December and it was running perfectly fine, first turn start and no issues. The car went off to a V8 "specialist" they removed the distributor to change what I dont know but since then the car has had 2 issues. 1. It burnt the center pin on the distributor cap , I have never seen this before and cannot understand
  15. Finally started the car, two turns and she fired into life. Advanced the timing a bit and she is purring away. However, gearbox appears to have a leak , I think from the front seal , which is a shame since I rebuilt it with new seals and stuff. Also fuel gauge not working and I have a dodgy voltage regulator.
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