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  1. Thanks , do you have any pics of your progress on the bumper since I will be doing this on a 73 as well. The bumper is a Mr Mustang unit , not sure if CJ is the same
  2. Adjusted the carb , set timing , and finally got her running where she wont switch off when put into gear. Also ordered a 71-72 chrome bumper as I could not find a 73 inner brace
  3. Hey guys so I have a double question and need some guidance 351C with 4BBL Holley 600CFM, Mild camshaft Electronic ignition setup Car starts and Idles fine , drop it into gear and she will switch off , back to N or P and she will fire up again , Could this be fuel or timing related, Have to hold the throttle and brake to get her moving along, its frustrating .Thats question 1 Question 2 , drove the car about for a while , car has a C4 with a white screw in modulator , which I understand is an early C4, I had a nightmare of a time with the previo
  4. Horn issue figured out, I have an aftermarket adapter kit, the contacts at the back are making contact only at certain points, so if you hold the horn and turn the wheel they come on and off. Today was speedo cable snapped .......nothing like driving along then tapping noises and you think the motor is on the way out , only to find the speedo cable broken. Have other issues as well but will post them in the engine section.
  5. Gas Gauge sorted, seems you need more then 5liters to register on the gauge and the contacts in the sender unit were not making contact. Speedo cable installed so thats working now as well. Tomorrow we trace the horns and figure out why they not working . Then Drain the oil , I suspect there is abut 2 liters too much in the motor and about 3 liters too much in the transmission.
  6. Thanks Don , I suspect its the sending unit , the ground and connectors all test our good, with me bridging them , I took a different path on the doors with the centres in brushed Alu vinyl as opposed to the wood grain.
  7. Finally got her back from all the dodgy "specialists" , went off to my paint guy who did an amazing job on it and the suspension is now sorted. Put my door panels in today , got them from Mustang garage or something, will find the name . Best quality I have seen . sorted out the brake lights which were not working , hooked up the vacume advance on the dizzy and put the grill straight , still need to sort the dizzy out , yesterday the rear view mirror went in and I have no idea why the fuel gauge is not happy , pulled it out twice , measures fine on the bench , bridge wires and it
  8. Thank you very much , will look into this.
  9. Went off to get the alignment sorted and check everything.
  10. I was under the impression that 71-72 would need fenders work too. TBH I would rather go this route then try to find the missing bit on the 73. Here is what I have
  11. Well , this weekend was fun , for the first time since 1987 my stang ran under it own power. I picked it up from the "specailists" and figured out I know more then they do. 1. Gearbox rebuild later, countless hours on timing , rough set the geometry and drove her back to my place. Got there and the right rear was smoking....DUH they were meant to adjust the brakes . For now its running , off to the alignment guys in the week , then final body work . Still need to figure out the front bumper and put the door panels on.
  12. Thanks Tom, do you mean front or rear bumpers?
  13. This is for the 73 owners, do you know if the 71-72 bumper brackets fit our rear bumpers. I hate the look of the 73 bumper which is a whole 2inches away from the body ? Would it be possible to use these or should i just cut and weld my current brackets. On the front bumper , is there an insert that goes into the bumper I seem to be missing a piece. I have the 2 bolts on the inside and what looks to be the bumper frame with the rubber bit around. But cant see how this would bolt to the bumper mounts (long arms with rectangular front)
  14. I managed to get my timing issues sorted, somehow the gearbox was binding while in park. Put the car into N and start and its perfect, so out comes the tranny to figure out why
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