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  1. Yes, I do believe the fat edge goes forward and that is what I have. Couldn't really find a better picture of the spoiler but this shows the end/edge better. I agree about selling the stripes, I imagine there is a ton of red tape and money that would need to be spent to get them approved. Don't think it is worth it to probably only sell a few a year. But these aftermarket companies should, that's for sure.
  2. Oh and by chance does anybody know the best way to store the extra stripe kit so it doesn't dry out like the NOS one did? It's just in a box in the basement, nothing special...
  3. Funny I did tell him that to make sure he keeps the pattern, and could make money selling them, they are even on 3M paper. But as far as I know he hasn't. It did occur to me, to purchase a dozen sets and try to sell them on eBay. But I just purchased 2, one extra just in case, God forbid, something happens to a door or fender. Thanks again!
  4. Sorry I never included some final pictures of the car with her new stripes. These are the scanned in versions that I had made from my set of old NOS. They came out beautifully and actually match in size, shape and color, unlike the aftermarket ones. I'm very happy with the way they came out and Thanks again to David for the pictures otherwise I would still be wondering if I did the right thing or not. These are from the day they were installed.
  5. Sorry it took a while, I was waiting for the rubbings to come in the mail but I never received them. So I took what you posted and cleaned them up a bit in Photoshop and printed them on a sheet of transparency. It was too hard to see when I printed them on paper. Anyway, I put the stripe on a light table and held it flat with a sheet of glass and then placed the transparency over the top. As I suspected the Ford set I purchased in the 80s comes out very close and the aftermarket set is pretty terrible as far as I am concerned. Once again, I just find it so hard to believe that these companies can't find an original set, like I did, and just scan them in and make a perfect copy for us. Why should we have put up with these sub-standard repos when a totally correct set is so easy to reproduce. Anyway, here is my findings... the first 8 pages are of the scans and them placed over my older set and the last 4 are of the newer set with all the issues. Hope this helps anyone else who is looking into getting a correct set of stripes for their 73 Mach 1. Sadly, if you want them right you have to find someone who will make of copy of an original set. Like I am going to do. And a very heartfelt THANK YOU to David for the invaluable pictures and rubbings.
  6. Hey David, Thanks very much for the pictures of your car! It's great to see the actual correct stripes. Did you get my PM with my address? Just wondering because, as of today, September 13, I have not received them in the mail yet. Will let you all know how they compare once I get them. Thanks again, Peter
  7. Thanks all. No resolution as of yet. I have a few emails out there and I am waiting for some answers about having someone copy my set. As for who makes the repo stripes I am a bit reluctant to say but they are from Mustang Market part number SK128. I have also tried to contact other makers of the stripes like Graphic Express and the response I got and I quote... "Sorry Peter I am not going to be any help. The product we sell we have been selling for over 25 years. Not sure how close to NOS they are." So that was a non-answer. Basically we sell what we sell. I also contacted Jim Osborn and they have discontinued the side stripes and only have the trunk stripes available. I also contacted NPD and the guy I was emailing with thought the ones I had were from Decal Magic so those are probably off also. And Scott Drake sells a set but from what I heard they don't make them and so they are probably just rebranded DM or MM. David, if you could I would love to get a few pictures and some dimensions of the three main problem areas. The decal around the front marker light and the two Mach 1 logos, one on the side and the one on the trunk. That would go a long way in knowing if my older set is correct to an original car and I am not going out of my way to put something wrong on my car. That would be great, Thanks very much!
  8. Hello all, I hope you can help me. I am finishing up a two plus year restoration of my 73 Mach 1 I've had for almost 35 years now and have a ton of issues with the new stripe kit I purchased. I also have a Ford stripe kit I purchased in the mid 80s which I would love to use but they are not very sticky anymore so that is why I bought a new set. They are Ford Licensed but there are plenty of differences between the two sets. Please see the 4 pages I have attached and you will see what I mean. Am I being too picky here but in these days of digital scanners and high-resolution cameras, etc., that these can't be an exact match to my old Ford set. It would not be hard to do at all. Any thoughts on this and suggestions on who makes the most correct set would be greatly appreciated. Or anyone with original stripes still on their car that could send along some pictures, would be a great reference for all of us with 73s. Thanks very much.
  9. I'm also looking for a black NOS D3ZZ-13064-C if you have one. Thanks.
  10. I am looking for the one Black headlight door, D3ZZ-13064-C. I have seen a bunch of "D" up for sale on EBay for the last year but not a "C". I am getting close to finishing my 2 year restoration of my Mach 1 and this is the last major part I am looking for. Hints or suggestions where I can find one are greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!
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