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  1. I found a set but thanks for the offer
  2. Yes I will message you later I’m in buffalo ny not sure what shipping will cost but I don’t mind cutting it out
  3. Thanks for the info time to find a set
  4. Quick question do I need these in the pic attached. Back story I bought a 71 vert 5 years ago in pieces, currently almost finished Haven’t installed the interior yet and a few other things but I came across a deal on a 73 vert running just needed brakes to be a driver(needs a new paint job also. Interior wasn’t in but as I was going thru it I seen theses and I didn’t get any with my 71 I have standard interior in both. Thanks in advance
  5. This is The best pics I could get cuz it’s hanging on my wall not sure of the year I will have to a few posts pic files are too big
  6. I have to dig in my garage but I think I have a whole Rear section I cut off a scrap car a few years ago. I’ll check tomorrow if your interested
  7. I’m currently waiting for my engine to be finished it will be a 347 stroker just wondering what everyone else is using for their headers and exhaust. It’s for a 71 vert
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