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  1. $5700 1973 Ford Mustang 302 V-8, 4 brl carb 4 Speed Automatic Clean title.Tags good until August 2017 Daily Driver Always run on premium fuel Performance Race Heads Performance 4 Barrel Carburetor Performance Electronic Distributor Phenolic Carb Spacer Push Button Start New Performance Race Starter New Ignition Control New Master Cylinder New Brake Booster Fresh Brake Pads Extra rear drum shoes/pads (not installed but will be included) Complete Radiator Rebuild and Cooling System Flush New Thermostat Just had our first kid and unfortunately need to pass it on!
  2. I am thinking a phenolic carb spacer would help with hot starts quite a bit, since there is some percolation after shutdown. I am running an Edelbrock 1406 carb on my 302, and looking at this spacer: http://www.summitracing.com/parts/edl-8711 Anyone know if I need anything else to install it? Seems like I may need longer studs. Also a little worried about space under the hood since I have the Edelbrock intake as well.
  3. came in hot parking last night and tagged the corner of my XJ. The headlight surround got crunched, and the fender is bent a bit. Looks like it created a bit of a gap between fender and hood too. Luckily it is already going to the shop to be painted soon, but I wanted to get your opinion on best way to repair. Nothing is original, so I'm not too worried about repro parts. Thanks :shootself:
  4. Thanks for the feedback guys. I may just use those copper choreboy pads. Even if it is irrational, I have absolutely terrible luck. Scrubbing out the rust and using adhesive for patches sounds like my best bet, and is a lot less daunting. From these pictures, I'm thinking I may need to get a full pan. Also, any idea why this area in particular gets rusty?
  5. Well, this is going to be a pain. I have zero experience welding. I guess that's what makes it a project, huh? In the meantime, I think I will wire wheel it to get the cancer out, and keep the heavy carpet in the trunk to cover the holes. Luckily it doesn't rain or snow here. It looks like the last guy put some sort of black coating on everything to hold the rust at bay. I'll take some pictures at lunch. Do I need to drop out the gas tank before doing this so I don't blow myself up?
  6. So I realized that the trunk pan is a lot rustier than I thought, with a hole straight through in one place. There is no rust anywhere else on the car, but the trunk is pitted in a few places. How much of a problem is this? If I don't address it, will it spread?
  7. I was thinking of throwing a bolt through the old rail to hold it in place. Only thing is I probably won't get around to fixing it properly if that works!
  8. Anyone have a lever side track? Mine's missing the dog.
  9. Post a WTB ad on here. I had to get a new seat track for my drivers seat just this past month. Got one from a member on here at a great price. It is easier to replace the whole track just 4 bolts and it comes off the seat and right back on. Or check on ebay too. Or try these if you don't have any luck on here. http://www.ebay.com/itm/71-72-73-Ford-Mustang-Seat-Track-Set-1-Set-1-Seat-/371538139238?fits=Year%3A1973%7CModel%3AMustang&hash=item5681661866:g:TssAAOxy4jxSJ-fe&vxp=mtr http://www.cjponyparts.com/seat-track-set-1971-1973/p/ST3/?year=1973&utm_source=Shopping_Com&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=EbayCommerceNetwork http://www2.cougarpartscatalog.com/71trackleverside.html http://www2.cougarpartscatalog.com/72tracknon.html http://www2.cougarpartscatalog.com/72trackset.html Sorry I am at work on a Friday afternoon with the sun shining. I was a little board. No need to apologize! This is very much appreciated. I'll see what I can dig up, if not looks like cougarparts has the rail for a decent price.
  10. The dog is gone, must've snapped off. Any idea where I could get a new lever? I'm kinda waiting until I have a few more things in mind before I hit the junkyard.[/align]
  11. This is really helpful. I may pull the seat on my lunch break to see if I can figure out what's wrong with it.
  12. AGREED! My 71 Grandé is also my daily driver, although gas is starting to kill me out here in California, but hey no car payment helps a bit! Soon it will take a backseat and I will drive my wife's old car as she has a new one. In October I will have a house with a garage, and it is restoration time again! Any advice from your experience daily driving? I'm a week in with it, and I'm thinking an MSD ignition control and electric fan would be good ideas.
  13. I figured out the lock was just jammed, and something happened to the tip of the lock rod so it won't stay in the catch. Going to pull it off tonight and see what I can do. In the meantime, everything is getting lubricated.
  14. I think this is the case. After some lubricating and a bit of forcing, I got it into a somewhat useful position. Thanks for all the help guys.
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