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  1. Use FLAC as your format Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Any idea on where the wires for the dome light come down to?
  3. Yea here’s a few pictures of the wheels. They are American Racing wheels I got off of a fox body cobra a few years ago. I think the are 17x12 in the rear and 17x9 in the front.
  4. In the middle of rewiring the whole car. Putting new heddman longtubes on after I finish wrapping them. New starter as well to get rid of the solenoid. Also installing a new 140 amp single wire alternator. Any tips on hiding wiring?
  5. Starting to daily drive the mustang that ol’ pops and I have been restoring. Got it as my first car so I’m real stoked. Planned on trying to be more active on here. Figured that you old guys could be a valuable asset as things get on down the road..
  6. I have a 1972 mach1 and I’m trying to replace the ignition since I am replacing all of the wiring. Any advice on how how to remove it would be greatly appreciated.
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