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  1. 71 XR7, power windows, brakes, steering, 351 auto, ac Currently fuel injected 5.0 with aod and 3.50 9inch
  2. I pulled the dash to get at mine, what a pia! Mine has ac, don't know if that makes a difference. Hope yours goes well
  3. Saved the last few pennies to have my car painted
  4. I'm doubtful they will match my 71 cougar but I'm going to check these part#s. Thanks guys Just checked, these are the single switch, anyone know new 4 switch for the driver can be found?
  5. They look good! 3rd pic reminds me of a Jeff foxworthy redneck joke If you drive to elementary school, you may be a....
  6. Congrats. Waiting on spring in Nova Scotia, is that like July 25 or so? Hahahaha
  7. I upgraded my 9" gears with 3.30 on an aod 4spd trans. It's ok but would be better at 389 or better imo.
  8. Back in the 90s I put a Holley projection TBI system on a dodge 360 engine. Worked out pretty well, got to think these newer ones are much better. Now I just use the factory set up from my donor vehicle and make all the wiring changes rather than go with an add on system. But I can see these being quite useful where you want to keep a non fuel injection engine .
  9. Those prices are either their wife wants them gone so he puts a wild price on and tells her he doesn't know why they aren't selling, or he's been watching too much Barret Jackson auction
  10. That's a good question, but my stock fuel injected 5.0 with headers dual exhaust and 3.50 rear likely puts me mid to high teens in town and low 20's highway.
  11. I ran steel lines underbody, except for the tank connections and engine connections, where I used fuel injection hose.
  12. I installed a couple of floor kitchen cabinets, one with 4 drawers and one with a drawer and a door. On top I mounted kitchen countertop, the Formica kind. It works great, takes the abuse(I rebuilt my 9"rear on it) and cleans up well. Mounted a 6" vise on it, too.
  13. If it wasn't cost prohibitive to ship to the uk, I'd sell you mine. I bought new upholstery and will be installing it soon.
  14. Dang it, it's flagged for removal. I always miss the good stuff
  15. You came to the right place for info and advice.... Welcome
  16. Check the cowl vents for rust, that's expensive
  17. A pic of the wiring diagram would be helpful
  18. I took this original hood off my cougar due to the drivers side corner bend. Its solid as can be. $200 plus shipping
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