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  1. I put a grant on my cougar which has tilt, iirc there are a few of those adapters, did you double check the part #?
  2. Pics not working from my droid
  3. Not a fan of yellow but I like that
  4. I like the stripes and magnums too, but the other paint looks good
  5. Have to agree, it looks great. Reminds me of how much work I have to do on mine.want to trade even up hahahaha
  6. Ordered two oxy sensors, the two months old one can't make up its mind what's going on. Goes from.1-.8 and back again in a millisecond and on and on . Hope they show up today.
  7. Hope you're enjoying the show, it was a good one the last time I went. Had a lot of cars, parts, auction, and food. Been too long, I need to get there this fall.
  8. Nice feature to have a drain plug. Mine, and most I think cars came without. I added mine when I rebuilt mine because I don't want to pull the shafts and diff just to change the lube. Have to do that 500 miles after rebuild.
  9. That's one thing I don't have to do on mine, has a huge stiffening plate across the underside that will prevent driveshaft or ujoint failure to cause any other problems
  10. Pulled my oil gauge in my other car and replaced it with an electrical version from autometer. Dang tubing blew apart and sprayed all over the engine, and rolled smoke inside the car. Wife and neighbors not around so walked back to the house, only a mile or so, brought a gallon of oil and a funnel. Pinched off that stupid line with some vise grips and drove it home hahaha.
  11. If you do use the vapor as a return, the tank will still need a way to vent pressure changes in the tank and allow air in to replace the fuel used I installed another dedicated return fitting in my set up, and ran soft lines to just past the pump and at the return fitting, as well as the vent line for about a foot or so. Engine has soft fuel lines as well. In between is metal pipe.
  12. Thanks, that's what it was! that bolt was above the steering column. Replaced the heater core and evap coil, pics to follow.
  13. I ordered parts....that's why they call me Mr excitement
  14. I have a newer style pump on mine because I went with a fuel injected 5.0, dont feel bad mine whines too and isnt very old haha
  15. This is, more or less, how I've always done it. Basically, increase pressure until you don't see a change in the pattern. If the bearing preload is set correctly, it doesn't take a lot of pressure to get a consistent pattern. I think he's asking about preloading the ring gear for checking the contact pattern on the gears. You're right on target for the pinion bearing preload spec. The manual calls for 8-14 in-lb for used bearings and 20-30 in-lb for new (on diffs using a crush sleeve). I think you're right
  16. My XR7 originally came with a 351, which was long gone by the time I pulled the car from a field. Originally was a light red color. Repainted with a dark red at some point, came with white upholstery and top and black carpet. AC, power windows and top, 9" 3.00 gears, power disc in the front with drums in the back.
  17. I pulled mine out of a field. The guy I bought it from had no interest in restoring or even getting it running, he just bought it to save it from the crusher. I'm very happy he did, what a waste!
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